Social Media for Lead Generation

In the right hands, social media can be used to provide enormous exposure for a business to help expand its reach and capture more leads.

Social media has grown exponentially in scope and number of users since it’s inception in the late 90’s with Six Degrees.  What began as a fun distraction for many; a way to keep in touch with your friends or rediscovered old friends, has now become an important part of a business marketing strategy or plan.

Most business owners and digital marketers know that visibility of a business or a brand can be achieved, where millions of potential customers can be reached, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

This may sound too easy, and yes, there’s a more to social media marketing than that.  So today I want to share some ideas to help you use your social media accounts as powerful lead magnets.

First, you need to know what you want to achieve on social media, who would be interested in what you have to say or sell, and then create content that they would find valuable and interesting.  Here are your tasks… 

  1. Define Your Goals –  Are you trying to attract people to learn more about your Brand, your products and services?  Are you launching a new product and need to generate leads?  You need to know who you are attempting to attract and why.  Decide what will attract your ideal clients or audience.  Click here to learn more creating Social Media Goals that are aligned to your Business Goals here.
  2. Know Your Ideal Client – The more you know about who will buy from you, the better your results will be. Research the demographics of your potential buyers. How much money do they make? Where do they hang out? What is their gender? What are their biggest concerns in life; their pain points?  These are all great questions to know the answer to if you want to get the best results from ALL of your marketing, including your social media marketing efforts.
  3. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy – Great content is the hub of your marketing strategy.  Take inventory of the content you have on hand, text, video, infographics, etc.  Would it appeal to your Ideal Client or Audience?  Does it help them solve a problem?  Is it still relevant or outdated?  Then plan what platforms and channels you’ll share your content on and when.

For those business owners who still do not have a website, creating quality content for your social media channels is essential not only for businesses that market primarily online, but also for those that market offline.

Now that you’ve finished your homework (the 3 tasks mentioned above), here are some ways to use social media to generate more leads. 

Create your Valuable FREE Offer:  Your Valuable FREE Offer should contain great content that will appeal to your Ideal Client or Audience.  If you did your homework (see above tasks), you should know or at least have a better idea of the type of content they will be interested in.  Create your opt-in form to give those interested a way to get on your email list. Then shared the opt in form on your social media channels.

Create and Publish Great Content:  Using cheap crappy content on your social media channels will not attract people to what you are offering. To entice people to subscribe to your email list, you have to make sure your Valuable FREE Offer, or whatever you are offering them, is something they will want or need and that they will find valuable.  These days it’s all about quality, not quantity. The sooner you understand what your prospects and clients really need and provide it to them as an opt in offering, the faster you will master list building.

Blog/VLog:  Blogging is the best way to consistently feed fresh content to your website.  A website and/or a blog makes it easier to spread your content on several or platforms. If you are sharing your message or information on your website or blog, you can drive traffic to it by sharing the URL where the content can be found on the social media channels you are active on.

Use a relevant Call To Action to let your readers know about your Valuable FREE Offer or other opt in offering(s).  If you don’t currently have a website/blog or if you’ve decided that Video will be your primary medium, then vlog consistenly.  And mention your opt in offer frequently on your videos, whenever it’s relevant to do so.

Get people to sign up to your newsletter:  Include an opt in for readers to subscribe to your newsletter on your website/blog and/or social media channels so people can be be aware of your new blog posts and access them easily.

Install signup forms on social media:  Facebook makes this a user friendly and painless process –  to put an opt – in box or form, landing page on their site, and it’s free. This is another way to get exposure and attract subscribers to your opt in offer or your newsletter. You can also use other sites to place a link to your opt in form or landing page, or even link back to Facebook if you like.

Invest in some ads:  If you have great content but traffic is low, then break out the wallet and pay to promote it. Facebook has an ad management tool to help you narrow down your demographic with laser-like precision, and most of the other social media sites offer options to spend your advertising dollars on.  Running an ad with your opt in offer can help you build brand awareness and also help you build your list.

Email marketing is still one of the most influential mediums for forging strong relationships with new and existing customers, so use everything you have at your disposal to get those signups.

Using your social media channels to attract all types of demographics makes capturing new leads and building strong relationships much easier than it was a few years ago.  So why not take advantage of it?


Busy Business Owners:  Are there things you didn’t know to do and things you overlooked or forgot to do while building your online presence?  Click here to get tips you need to audit your Online Marketing (website, your social media, your sales funnel and more)!

Rebecca IshibashiSocial Media for Lead Generation

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