I provide a variety of technical and specialized services to help Speakers and Entrepreneurs Be the CEO of their Business!

Social Media

If you are a business owner or a savvy online marketer, you should be using Social Media as a part of your Marketing Plan. Get help here creating or implementing your Social Media Marketing plan.

Websites ~ Landing Pages

Websites, Landing Pages, and Blogs are a great way to share your message, market your business, gain exposure and credibility about your offerings, and provide info about your business. It enables you to reach a larger audience, 24/7.

Professional Virtual Speaker’s Assistant

Can you really focus on all the things that are going on in your business operations when you are at miles from your office at a conference or on stage trying to deliver a great presentation? 

Email Marketing

Do you understand how email marketing works and how to set up your mailing lists...all the way to selling your products through email?

Tech & Specialty Services

Do you Get Frustrated Dealing with the Technical Issues?   

Administrative Consulting

What’s Your Time Worth? Need a professional to advise you and make recommendations to help you get organized and keep your back office running smoothly?

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  • George Hooks

    Drum Man Inc
  • Susan Edwards, CMA, CPA, CGMA  |  Certified Coach

    Enlighten Management Consulting, Inc.
  • Nichelle O. Evans

  • Jodi Bowlin

    Owner, Knoxville Soap, Candle & Gifts
  • Rebecca created a great Web Site for my company Drum Man Inc. …always easy to work with, can save you time and get you more business.

  • I’ve had the opportunity to take advantage of several of the services Rebecca offers. I use her on an ongoing basis for my social media marketing and have been extremely pleased with the quality of her work. Her advice related to marketing for my business has been invaluable. She is quite skilled as a Speaker VA and I recently asked her to create a Speaker One Sheet for me. To say I was thrilled with the results is an understatement. She exceeded my expectations!I also depend on Rebecca to keep my website updated. She is great at providing advice on how to improve upon the layout and content! As a Business Coach and Business Owner, the Return on Investment for any expenditure is extremely important to me. Rebecca more than delivers related to ROI and I would highly recommend her for any of these services. She is indeed “My Clever Assistant"!

  • I am very satisfied with the Social Media Coaching sessions with Rebecca Ishibashi. I understand so much more about attracting my target audience and I learned how to save time by planning and scheduling my posts.

  • My Clever Assistant helped take the pressure off of me trying to do everything on my own. Rebecca was professional and proficient on all levels. I’m grateful for the affordable and useful help she provided with my website updates and monthly email newsletter.

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