Drive Traffic to your Website with Drip Campaigns for your Blog

Sharing your blog posts on your social media channels helps drive traffic to your website.  But how consistent is your process to share this content on your social media sites?  Could you use a Drip Marketing Campaign system to improve your effectiveness in sharing your blog content?

Does this sound familiar to those of you who create and publish blog content?

You have worked on your writing process to make it as efficient as possible and you’ve dedicated the time to create your blog posts for the week or month. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you click that “Publish” button that will send your thoughts and message out into the world.

Did you remember to share your blog post across your social media channels?

Let’s say you schedule your blog posts to be shared across your social media channels for a week or two after they are published which is great! Is that it?  Is that your system?

Do you remember to share those blog posts several weeks or even months later?

Are you a busy VA who spends more time promoting your clients’ content than you do your own?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, stay with me here because I’m going to share a way you can create a drip marketing campaign for your blog posts, then easily set it and forget it.

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These drip campaigns are for your evergreen blog posts and articles. This is NOT for time sensitive blog content where you are promoting an event, a book or product launch, etc.

So, my question is: Do you have a system in place that will automatically re-share your evergreen blog content on your social media channels or is that something you’ll have to do manually or delegate to your VA?

I found an awesome tool several months ago called Missinglettr. This tool has been automatically resharing my blog posts for several months now and will continue to drip my content for a period of a year. It’s worked great for me and if you blog regularly, I suggest you check it out.

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Here’s how it works:

When I publish a blog post, I get an email within minutes to make me aware that Missinglettr has created a 12-month social marketing campaign for that blog post. This allows me to review the campaign suggestions that were created and make edits, if needed, before Missinglettr shares anything to my social media sites. I have full control over of the content and nothing is shared until I approve the campaign.

Once I’ve reviewed the suggestions and made my edits, I simply approve the campaign and Missinglettr takes over from there – posting my blog content across my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+) over the period of a year helping me drive traffic back to my website.  AND if the content is still relevant and useful, I can regenerate the campaign and designate the period of time to continue running it!!

It’s simple, easy and a huge time saver for me!

And it can be for you too. Click here to get a free account with limited features or grab a 14-day FREE trial on a Personal or Business account that has a boat load of features.

Teams and Agencies have the capability of providing access for their clients to review & approve the campaigns with the “External Campaign Approvals” feature.

Click here to go check it out today! And while you’re there, sign up for one of the webinars that Missinglettr is hosting.  They’ll show the importance of a drip marketing campaign as well as step by step instructions about how to use Missinglettr to drive traffic back to your website.

If you know someone who would benefit from this info, please share this post with them too!


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Rebecca IshibashiDrive Traffic to your Website with Drip Campaigns for your Blog

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