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Your Email List – It’s Not the Size That Counts

What!?  Now I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true! When it comes your email list, size doesn’t matter as much as the quality of your subscribers and how they respond to you.

High quality subscribers want your information and look forward to your emails. They OPEN and read your emails or at least scan through them! They stay on your list long-term and they act on your offers and recommendations.


Of course, it very important to grow the number of subscribers on your email list because that’s how you increase the number of people who you can potentially convert into buyers. While your long-term goal is to build a large list, it’s important that you focus on building it with responsive subscribers because responsive subscribers are interested in what you are doing or selling and that equals more sales.

If you’ve been stressing about building your number of subscribers and you’ve resorted to buying lists to build your numbers, STOP!  Don’t waste your money. Large mailing lists filled with people who have no interest in what you have to say or do and who will NOT buy from you, are worthless.

Switch your focus on providing VALUE to your subscribers. Make sure your create content that will appeal to your subscribers – those who are your Ideal Audience. That’s how you will keep them engaged and looking forward to receiving your emails. Focus on finding out the value of your subscribers, or how much money you make in relation to the number of subscribers you have. Clean up your list and if necessary, divide it into segments with a more narrow focus. Determine what your subscribers respond to most and give them more of it. If you give them high quality content and high quality product recommendations, you will see much bigger sales. As you watch your numbers, you likely find that a list of 1,000 responsive subscribers will generate more sales than a list of unresponsive subscribers that’s twice that size.

High quality email lists are the basis for any successful marketing campaign. Your content and promotions will only be successful if your subscribers are interested in what you have to say. So concentrate your efforts on providing the content your audience wants to consume. Those who are interested in what you say and do. Those are the people who have a problem that you can solve. Concentrate on QUALITY – quality subscribers, quality content and quality product recommendations.

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Rebecca IshibashiYour Email List – It’s Not the Size That Counts

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