Facebook LIVE – Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Facebook LIVE Videos – just because you CAN do them doesn’t mean you SHOULD do them if you don’t have a purpose in mind when you GO LIVE.

Now to be clear, I understand the value of this tool and its importance in your marketing & branding. Social Media gurus and influencers agree that video has a higher level of consumption and engagement than any other type of content on social media. 

LIVE is a phenomenal feature of Facebook that ALL marketers need to learn to use and integrate into their social media regularly. The points I’m raising today are my views as a consumer of Facebook LIVE videos. I tune into as many of my connections’ LIVE videos as I can. The mistakes I’m pointing out here are based on my observation of many LIVE videos. When you make these mistakes, you’re going to lose me and many, many others because we’ve lost interest in what you are talking about. So here are my Top 3 Mistakes that I’ve found so many of you making on Facebook LIVE:


Facebook LIVE – Mistake #1

Unclear Topic/Purpose

What’s your purpose for your Facebook LIVE video? Do you have a clear, well defined message or issue about a topic to share? Is it something that will interest your audience? Know what you are going to talk about BEFORE you GO LIVE! If your LIVE video is business related or you are targeting other business folk, this is really not the time to ad lib without making a point. Remember, if you’ve set the broadcast to PUBLIC, it has the potential to reach thousands of people or more, including your ideal client!  Do you want your prospective ideal client to hear you rambling on?

Facebook LIVE – Mistake # 2


Check the position of your Webcam and the settings on your Microphone. Whether using your phone or a desktop, please raise your screen high enough so we are not looking up your chin and into your nostrils. That view is extremely distracting! If you are streaming from your desktop, simply place a couple of books under your monitor to raise it or lower your chair seat. Do you know why professional photographers raise their cameras slightly higher than your eye level when you have a headshot taken? It makes you look better! And looking up your nose is something that I’m just not interested in – no matter what golden nugget you are sharing.

Make sure we can HEAR you on Facebook LIVE. I’ve tuned into some LIVE broadcasts recently where I can’t hear what you are saying. It’s not a failure of my equipment, it a failure of yours. If you are using a webcam on your laptop or desktop, check your settings. Consider purchasing a better external webcam/microphone combination or use a lavalier microphone during your Facebook LIVE broadcast. Please check the quality of your audio if you have a great message to share and if you are serious about broadcasting regularly on Facebook LIVE.  Why? If we can’t hear you, we will leave your broadcast.

Facebook LIVE – Mistake #3

Lack of Preparation/Practice

If you were going to give a presentation to a group of people about a topic (even though you are an expert on it), would you jump up in front of the room to speak to them without any preparation first? I agree that Facebook LIVE is much less formal than speaking to a group from the stage, BUT, a little preparation will go a LONG way. For example, have you watched a LIVE video where the person:

• Searched for their notes because they forgot what they were going to say?
• Dug around their desk looking for a prop they were going to use as a demo?
• Adjusted the height of their phone or desktop monitor WHILE the broadcast is LIVE?

Sure, things happen – the world is not a perfect place and the internet isn’t either. But do you understand how distracting that can be for crazy, busy people who stopped what they were doing to tune into your broadcast? Guess what I do when that happens? Yep, I leave your Facebook LIVE broadcast.

TIP: If you need notes and are using your phone to broadcast your Facebook LIVE, use an app like Teleprompter. Or prepare your notes and have them in front of you before you GO LIVE.

AND ANOTHER TIP: Are a Facebook LIVE newbie just getting started with this technology? Try a Facebook LIVE that only you can see. How to Do It:  Click “Only Me” in your Privacy Settings BEFORE you Go Live. You can delete the video immediately after finishing it to remove it from your Timeline.

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Now start working to improve those Facebook LIVE videos!

Rebecca IshibashiFacebook LIVE – Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid

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