Fill the Hole in Your Multi-Level or Direct Marketing Strategy

Most of us have a friend or relative who signed up and invested in a popular Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Direct Marketing (DM) business at some point.

And those of us who do have become very well acquainted with the marketing strategies that follow.
There are many highly dedicated MLM’s and DM’s out in the world who have transcended beyond the usual marketing strategies that are used by many in this industry. Those usual strategies include making suggestions or requests to friends, relatives, or connections to book a party, invite their friends and relatives. At these parties, the MLM’er can demonstrate what they are selling, generate leads, make sales or book more parties to find more prospects. Still today, some use the strategy of making house calls or holding lunch and learn events to demonstrate their product or service or to educate us on their “once in a lifetime opportunity.”  With others, every conversation is somehow led back to booking a party, an offer for a complimentary service or to pitch their products. You’ve suddenly been relegated to being a “prospect,” rather than a valued relative or friend.

Many new MLM’ers are encouraged to use these same strategies and those who do often end up with one of two mindsets. Their enthusiasm fizzles out when they can’t find or convert prospects to buyers. Many times they become naysayers of MLM industry as a whole, scoffing that the business model is one that just doesn’t work. Or they join “the next and newest big idea in MLM industry” because the last company just wasn’t the right fit for them; then they start the whole process again.

There is another approach for MLM’ers and DM’ers that is proving to be a more successful and sensible approach, and it doesn’t involve chasing your family and your friends to make them your prospects. It does involve running your business in a more traditional business manner.  It involves building your online presence with your own blog, and like anything, there’s a wrong way and a right way to go about it.  Using online marketing methods will minimize or eliminate some of the problems I’ve observed that happen to those I know who are MLM’ers or DM’ers.

Problem #1: Leads That Are Misdirected to Corporate

Most new members to an MLM company spend time going from one networking meeting to the next to talk face to face with others about what they offer. Others jump straight onto social media.  Both are good marketing approaches.

But, I’m aware of a big problem when leads generate by MLM’ers have resulted in sales made directly on the Corporate website.  This occurs when the prospect has a problem finding the MLM’s or DM’s website – the one provided by the company they represent. The prospect ends up on the Corporate website because they like what they heard about the company’s products or services and they sign up or make their purchase directly on the Corporate sales page instead of the Independent MLM Consultant’s website. The person who did all of the work to make the sale doesn’t receive the credit/commission for the sale and they are suddenly the small fish in a very big pond.

A blog, with an attached and dedicated landing page allows you to create your own pond; one where you are the big fish. You can capture leads from your landing page, and use your blog to talk about the product and give video demonstrations. It’s a creative way to provide awesome value to your prospects and leads. Your ecommerce site should be linked to your landing page/blog so the prospect can buy directly from you with a simple click.

Also, capturing your leads allows you to introduce specials and new products to them quickly.  And the leads are yours! That means if you decide to go join another MLM in a similar or different niche, you retain your list of leads, prospects, and clients as well as their contact information.

Problem #2: Fear of Marketing to Strangers

Sometimes when new MLM’ers are faced with reaching out to strangers, they run for the hills. Fear of face-to-face marketing to strangers is the biggest limiting factor that some MLM’ers face and it negatively impacts the number of leads they can generate.

While a blog is a good start, having a dedicated landing page to send leads to and capture email addresses/contact info can create a higher level of success. Use the blog as a hub for your social media outreach and to talk about your products or services.

Provide real value in your blog posts and be sure to include a Call to Action (CTA) in every post. Interested parties will migrate over to your landing page via the Call to Action where you have to opportunity to convert them into qualified leads. From there you can nurture them with your emails and convert those who are interested in what you are selling into buyers. You can make your sales pitch in your emails without being hardcore or too salesy.

Problem #3: Making the About Section All About You

While most visitors to your site check the About Us or About Me section to learn a little more about you, this doesn’t mean you should make it “all about you.”

What they really want is for you to tell them how your experience and life story are going to help you help them.  Does your story or your Why resonate with them? So, in your About section, be sure to use a lot more of you statements, rather than just fill it with “I” statements.

Problem #4: Options on the Landing Page

The landing page is a page of extreme focus. What you are offering should be clear with no distractions. Your offer should be seen on the top fold of the page.  Remove everything that does not fit the goal of the landing page.

If the goal of the landing page is to get prospects to join your email list, then it should be the ONLY option on this page.

If you’re convinced that a MLM or a DM business is the right business model for you, but fear losing good friends, suddenly being avoided by relatives, or you break out into a cold sweat when you think about talking to strangers, then a blog is what you need to steer your business to success, rather than adding it to a list of failed efforts.  It’s also a great way to supplement lead generating efforts for those who love to network to make personal connections and have no problem talking to strangers.

Do you have an MLM or DM business?  Are you ready to Up Your Game and use a different approach to stimulate more interest in what you’re selling, target a wider audience, and generate more leads?  Click here to head over to my Website and Landing Page Services to see how you can have your own Landing Page & Blog.

Rebecca IshibashiFill the Hole in Your Multi-Level or Direct Marketing Strategy

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