Boost Your Email Open Rates with Attention Grabbing Subject Lines!

Does your Email Open Rate need a B-12 Shot?

A great email subject line will sell the email copy, and compel your subscribers into opening the email to consume the juicy content inside. It should not only make the reader feel that the email contains life-changing information, but that not reading could be a huge mistake.

Boring, uninspiring titles on the other hand, will get deleted, as busy people quickly clear their inbox so they can get on with the rest of their day. Here’s how to stop your email from ending up in the deleted folder before being read:

Do Something Different than Your Competitors

It’s easy to spy on the strategies your competitors are using simply by signing up to their email campaigns.  The key to beating your competitors is to set yourself apart from them. You may have a product that is very similar to the competition in terms of what it offers the customer, but this just makes it more important for you to come up with a unique selling proposition (USP).

Without a unique angle, your product is just another “what about me” clone which, from a customer’s point of view, will be hard to get excited about.

What does it do differently? Does it have an extra feature your competitors have neglected to address? Adding a bonus is also an option, but it should provide real value, even if that value is more than the original product; it’s still money in the bank for you.

When you find your unique angle, be sure to proclaim it in the title of your email.

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Highlight the Benefits of Your Product in the Title

Whenever any of us set out to purchase anything, a couple of the single most basic questions we ask are “will it make me a better person?” “Will this make my life easier, happier?”  Don’t sell your product on boring statistics, sell the customer on a new improved version of themselves.

If it saves time in the office, don’t just say it works faster; talk about how it will save the customer money – give them a real dollar value to get excited about. More money in the bank, now that will make them a better, happier person.

If you sell a weight loss product, saying “lose weight” is just another boring title we’ve all seen a million times before. Sell the sexy, fitter, leaner, healthier body your product can provide – because that is what will make them a better, happier person.

Use Power Words that Imply Action

Vibrant words that evoke energy and trigger emotions will make people want to click through and read your email.  Finding the right power words takes practice but you have plenty to choose from for crafting the perfect headline. Words like conquer and crush evoke emotions much better than beat or overcome. Triumph and victory are more inspiring than win.

Are you starting to get the picture? A thesaurus can be a great tool; think of a word and then look it up to see if there’s another way of saying what you mean that is more empowering.

Shock the Reader into Learning More

Titles that shock will always get more clicks. While shock tactics work well, I’m are not advocating the use of click bait titles, as they will eventually have a detrimental effect on your branding efforts.

Here’s a couple of examples to show you what I mean:

Example 1:
Boring: “How to Invest in the Stock Market”
Exciting: “How to Trade Stocks, and Keep Your Shirt – Even in a Bearish Market”

Example 2:
Boring: “How to Lose Weight”
Exciting: “How to Get a Beach Worthy Body Just in Time for Summer”

These are just a couple of examples that will get your readers wanting to read more because they promise big benefits that will make them a better person, and hint that the article may not be the typical boring snooze fest they are used to.

From what I’ve talked about above, the key takeaway is that your titles should be differentiating your business from the competition and promise the reader a benefit if and when they read more. You should also power words to stir up emotions and build curiosity or use shock (sparingly) to your advantage.

A title that sells your exciting helpful content inside the email will always increase your open rate.

Rebecca IshibashiBoost Your Email Open Rates with Attention Grabbing Subject Lines!

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