The Facebook Pixel and Why You Need to Install It

Would you like to retarget potential customers based on the pages they visited on your website?  The Facebook Pixel makes that possible and so much more!

Many business owners with Facebook Fan/Business Pages have seen their organic reach declining over the past few years. As Facebook started transitioning to a pay to play network, some savvy Page owners embraced Facebook Ads, but many continued to rely on organic reach (the number of people your content is shown to without your paying for it to be shown to them).

In January 2018, organic reach dropped sharply to be practically non-existent. This is the result of Facebook’s change of philosophy and algorithm to serve up content (posts) in the Newsfeed only if it receives engagement. Engagement in Facebook’s terms means post that creates a conversation between people in the Comments.

The best strategy on a Facebook Page is still to focus on publishing what your audience perceives as valuable content. But many business owners are finding they also need to invest in Facebook ads to reach their business and income goals.

For those who are ready to use Facebook ads, one of the first steps is to establish your Facebook Ad Account. You might have one already if you’ve ever Boosted a Post.

Your next step is to install the Facebook Pixel on your website.

If you think it’s too complicated to set up your Pixel, you can have a techy person who knows how insert code between the <head> tags in your website code to do it for you. Facebook now offers several Integrations to help you install it yourself, such as offering a plugin if you have a WordPress site. There are several Integrations to help you install your Pixel in other applications such as, Shopify, WooCommerce and more.

If you think installing the Pixel is not worth it, I have to disagree. Keep reading to understand why I’m telling you that. If the only ads you intend to use are Boosted Posts, that’s great, IF Boosted Posts are the best Ad Option that matches your goals and IF you are selecting the best audience. Sure, clicking the Boost Post button as Facebook is constantly encouraging you to do, on something you’ver already posted, is easy. But it’s not always the best Ad Option, depending on your goals.

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Savvy business owners and marketers on Facebook know you need the Facebook Pixel to truly succeed with Facebook Ads.

And Here Are 3 Reasons Why:

Custom Audiences

Facebook’s audience targeting tool is extremely helpful to target people based on their demographics such as location, their age, gender, interests, hobbies, and so on. If you have the Pixel installed, you can also target your warm audience. – people who have been on your website. These are people who know you and your brand.


The Pixel will track what your website visitors are doing on your website. It will track the pages they’ve visited and various “events” on your site such as adding items to your shopping cart, making purchases, etc and it will report that data to Facebook.

For example, when you are setting up your Facebook Ads, you can segment your audience by those who have browsed certain pages on your site, those who added products to your cart but didn’t complete check-out and so on. This allows you to offer relevant ads to website visitors depending on what interested them on your website.

You’ll need the Pixel to remarket to your potential and existing customers. This also helps you exclude existing customers who’ve already made a purchase of a product, event, or service that you are promoting in a Facebook Ad.

Track Your Website Visitors’ Activities Across Devices

If you have the Pixel Code installed on your website, it can follow your site visitors to learn about their activities whether they are on mobile, a tablet or laptop. If someone initially visited your website while on their mobile phone, they’d also be able to view your Facebook ad on a laptop or tablet.  This creates a smooth and seamless experience for users. It also adds value for advertisers.

I hope this article helps you understand the benefits of installing the Facebook Pixel and what it does for you once you use Facebook Ads to help you reach your business goals.

If you need technical assistance with the installation of the Pixel or if you need to consult with me about using Facebook Ads and my services, please click here to Schedule your Free 30 minute Discovery Session.

Rebecca IshibashiThe Facebook Pixel and Why You Need to Install It

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