Social Media Audits – Why You Need One

Is it time to refine your online marketing strategy with a social media audit?


Any marketing process a business uses to promote itself and build its brand should have an accompanying process that can help determine how well that strategy is working – or if it’s even working at all.

A social media audit will pin down the effectiveness of a social media campaign, highlight key benchmarks to strive for, determine which platforms are delivering the best results, and provide insight into the likes and dislikes of the business’s target audience.

Social media is a little harder to scrutinize in regard to analyses of performance metrics, but businesses can still develop, refine, and optimize their social media marketing strategy by performing a social media audit.

Are Your Efforts Bringing in New Customers?

The whole point of any marketing campaign is to bring in new leads and customers.

If a platform is showing itself to be an underperformer in bringing in new leads an audit will show if continuing that stream is worthwhile, or if a shift in strategy is warranted.

Sometimes a platform just isn’t the right fit for a business. If this is the case the audit may, in fact, show that a cut and run strategy is the best tactic.

Refine Your Strategy

It may be that your approach on Twitter (or any of the other platforms) is completely wrong for that audience.

An audit will highlight where you are going wrong and where you need to make changes – such as in the frequency you are engaging with your audience or the type of content you are sharing, etc.

Develop Benchmarks

For a business to continue using a social media platform, the numbers need to add up. Benchmarks with social media are sometimes more difficult to determine than other forms of marketing such as PPC, but they can still give an indication of how social media may be benefitting your company.

Benchmarks can be any number of measurable metrics such as the number of followers gained in each period, or the number of interactions with pages or posts, such as likes or shares.

If you spend an hour a day on Facebook, but at the end of six months only have 10 followers then this is a good indication that your social media strategy has fallen over somewhere along the line. A social media audit will ensure your efforts are consistent and you are getting the most benefit from your social media marketing.

If your social media results are not meeting your expectations and not matching your efforts, it’s time to do an audit so you can focus on what’s helping you meet your business goals and what’s not.  Let’s have a phone chat to discuss your social media audit – click here! 

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Rebecca IshibashiSocial Media Audits – Why You Need One

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