Link Shorteners are GREAT but Take Care WHERE You Use Them

Many enterpreneurs who share content online use URL or link shorteners out of necessity.  Why?  Because some of our links are just plain ugly or just too long to share in our social media like Twitter, our digital newsletters, or wherever we are sharing our URLs.

Bitly, is my favorite link shortener tool because you not only get the benefit of a way to shorten and customize your link. You can also quickly and easily manage, track and measure how many clicks you are getting by simply signing into your account.

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My tip to you today is where you DON’T want to use a link shortener…on your emails that you send from your domain email accounts! I’ve had a link on my email signature for quite a while. I used it to promote one of my opt-ins and it worked very well for awhile with absolutely zero problems. Earlier this month, I began having drastic issues with my domain email accounts – all of them.  My outgoing emails were not being received by those I was sending them to. I got nowhere with all of the time I spent troubleshooting this issue on my own and initially with my hosting company.

Finally, on my 5th call for support at my hosting company, I got to the right person, a supervisor, who was willing to do a little extra digging into the problem. I was advised by the email tech supervisor that links in emails are now being filtered by my hosting company and any emails containing them are now being blocked by the hosting company server. This policy may likely be adopted by other hosting companies, if it hasn’t been already.  The reason being, of course, is because those with nefarious intent have taken a great thing like and other link shortener tools and made it a not so good thing when they use them to mask their links that execute Trojans, viruses, malware and the like or that direct you to a malware site.

There is a school of thought that many online marketers share which is do not shorten your links where they indicate your brand and if they are not TOO long to use on social media, etc. I can definitely get on board with that logic. If I want to publish a resource or a service that I’m offering, I want my domain name on that link wherever I can use it! And so should you.

I’m not suggesting that you stop using or other link shorteners to shorten or manage your URLs/links. I will continue to use links in social media, on my website and other areas where they will not fall into this hosting server blocking/filtering policy issue.

I hope this tip helps you to avoid any domain email account issues with your hosting company or helps you narrow your troubleshooting efforts if you are currently experiencing a similar issue.

Email Marketing is not dead!

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Rebecca IshibashiLink Shorteners are GREAT but Take Care WHERE You Use Them

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