Marketing Plan and Strategies Defined and Why You Need Both

The difference between a marketing plan and a marketing strategy are concepts that some small business owners have difficulty in understanding. And because they aren’t clearly understood, some entrepreneurs don’t bother to create them and that’s a mistake.

The lack of a marketing plan and strategies present the following problems:

• Ideal client or target market not identified;
• Your offer may not align with the needs of your ideal client/market;
• You have no specific, time-bound goals to achieve and therefore;
• You can’t measure your results;
• You’re Guessing a lot and not really getting anywhere!

Rebecca IshibashiMarketing Plan and Strategies Defined and Why You Need Both
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Twitter – You Should Use It for Small Business Marketing

Are you actively marketing your small business on Twitter?

If you do not have a presence or are currently marketing there, you might reconsider once you review the stats below.

It’s true that you shouldn’t jump on every social media platform available – just because it’s there. If you are serious about marketing your business online to build brand awareness, get engagement and to make sales, you should rely on data that shows where your audience is.

Rebecca IshibashiTwitter – You Should Use It for Small Business Marketing
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Create Social Media Goals to Help Meet your Business Goals

Have you defined your Social Media Marketing goals for the New Year?

Most business owners have reviewed their previous business year and have made new goals for their business and personal development. Business goals revolve around financial goals – the primary reason you are an entrepreneur and have created a business. So, have you integrated your Social Media goals with your business objectives to reach your business goals?

Rebecca IshibashiCreate Social Media Goals to Help Meet your Business Goals
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Be Smart about Social Media

Spending too much time on Social Media?

Based on the number of social media platforms out there (and it seems the number increases daily), it’s clear that social media accounts for a huge amount of all the time people spend online for both personal and business. While marketing is a necessary part of your overall success, it’s not a good idea to base your entire business marketing efforts on any social networking platform or to spend too much of your valuable time on social media. Not all social media sites will be suitable for your business type or your target audience either.

Rebecca IshibashiBe Smart about Social Media
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Your Online Presence – Social Media Alone Isn’t Enough

Social media is a very powerful tool for building awareness of your brand, products, and services as well as for marketing your business online.

Social media should be included in your marketing strategy but isn’t enough, on its own, to establish and maintain your online presence. There are some fundamental reasons why having a business website is crucial for any business today.

Rebecca IshibashiYour Online Presence – Social Media Alone Isn’t Enough
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How to Take Your Small Business on Vacation

Many small business owners feel they can’t afford to leave their business at home when they’re on vacation.

And those owners who can afford it may not want to leave their business operations idle while they are away.

The choice doesn’t have to be to vacation or not to vacation. You can have the best of both worlds. You can take your small business with you on vacation and still have a great time. Here are some simple tips to help you take your small business on vacation:

Rebecca IshibashiHow to Take Your Small Business on Vacation
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The ABC’s of Virtual Assistant Services

It’s Your Time and Resources – Use Them Effectively

It’s true that time is money, so managing your time effectively is not only helpful for your sanity, but can contribute to profitability too. Although many time management programs, tips, and technologies are available, you can only go so far on your own. This is where using the services of a virtual assistant can help you enhance your productivity and efficiency, while saving you stress and money.

Rebecca IshibashiThe ABC’s of Virtual Assistant Services
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