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Website Design

Is This YOU?

    • You own a small business but you don’t have a website yet. Or maybe you’ve tried to create one using those “DIY- build a free website” versions (that really aren’t free) and technology is just not your “thing”.
    • You had an HTML site built a few years ago; it’s now woefully outdated and you don’t have the skills to update it yourself.

I’ve heard these explanations many times. Don’t worry! That’s why I’m here – to help get you up and running online with a website that will grow with your business, one that is easy to use, will give you so much flexibility, and you can have a blog integrated in your site.

Landing Pages

(with Blog)

    • You own are a Multi-Level Marketer who is passionate about the products or services you are selling.
    • You are motivated to grow beyond having a hobby business and realize you need more than the website or webpages that are provided by the company your represent.
    • You’ve discovered that going from one network meeting to another constantly is costing you time and money and is not yielding the numbers of prospects you need.
    • You’ve learned that booking parties is not as easy as it sounds – most people are too busy to deal with them.
    • You understand that online marketing is much more than just social media.

I’ve got the solution for you, don’t worry! That’s why I’m here.  I’ll get you up and running online with a self-hosted landing page that you can use to provide your business, develop an email list to help you nurture your prospects until they convert to buyers, and I’ll include a blog for you to stimulate interest for your products/services to more prospects who are both local and outside of your local area.

Click here to see examples of a landing page with blog.  

WordPress Site/Blog Management

There’s a myriad of tasks that need attention to properly manage and maintain your WordPress installation. Are you currently doing any of the following tasks?

  • Regularly posting fresh content to your blog(s)
  • Uploading your fresh content to webpages
  • Optimizing your content for search engine(s)
  • Keeping your plugins and theme updated
  • Performing regularly backups of your website/blog
  • Monitoring/fixing broken links on your website/blog
  • Moderating your comments for spam

My Clever Assistant can manage one or all of your WordPress sites/blogs. Contact me for a free consultation.

Website Maintenance

Services for your WordPress Website or Blog

Level 1 – Maintenance Services include:

  • Monitor site for broken links and fix them.
  • Update WordPress, Theme, and Plugins
  • Monthly: Full Backup of your entire WordPress installation – stored off-site

Level 2 – Maintenance Services include:

  • All Level 1 Website Maintenance Services, plus
  • Up to one hour per month for general website services such as uploading & formatting fresh content or make minor revisions your existing content, minor layout changes, install/remove plugins, upload and/or remove images, embed videos, and opt-in code.
  • Security Monitoring.
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