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Your Website is a great way to market your business, gain exposure and credibility about your offerings. It provides info about you and your business so you to reach a larger audience, 24/7. 

Website Design

Is This YOU?

    • You own a small business but you don’t have a website yet. Or maybe you’ve tried to create one using those “DIY- build a free website” versions (that really aren’t free) and found out that your SEO has tanked and you’re not getting enough traffic to your website.
    • You had an HTML site built a few years ago. Now it’s woefully outdated and you are not a website designer – you don’t have the knowledge/skills to rebuild your site yourself.

I’ve heard these explanations many times. Don’t worry!  I’m here to help you get up and running online with a beautiful website that will grow with your business, one that will give you more flexibility for updates and changes, and you can have a blog integrated in your site.

Check my Website Design Packages below or  Click here to Contact me for a custom quote.

Starter One Page WebSite 

Does this describe you?

    • You’ve just started your business. You haven’t created much content yet.  But you understand the importance of online marketing and know you need more than a social media Page or Profile.
    • Are you a new author who wants to promote your book(s) but do not have enough content to fill several webpages?
    • Are you a Multi-Level Marketer who is passionate about the products or services you are selling and want to reach a wider audience than just your local area?  You need more than the sub-domain on your company’s website.

I’ve got the solution for you, don’t worry!  I’ll get you up and running online with a self-hosted, Starter One Page website or Landing Page that you can use to promote your business, develop an email list to help you nurture your prospects until they convert to buyers. Stimulate interest for your products/services to more prospects who are both local and outside of your local area.

Click here to see examples of a Starter One Page website or Landing Page

One Page Site | Landing Page

$ 397.

Great Option for Coaches

  • MANUAL INSTALLATION of WordPress™ - (More Secure than 1 Click Installation)
  • Total # of Pages: One
  • • Use as Starter Site or Landing Page
  • • Includes FAQ & About Me Sections
  • • Include Opt-In
  • Contact Form
  • Redirect to Scheduler
  • Premium Responsive Theme Provided
  • • Customize with your color palette
  • • Adjust/Configure Settings
  • • Install/Configure Plugins to get you up & running
  • • Configure Social Media icons with your Links
  • • Includes 1 hour pre-build strategy consultation
  • • Include 1 full backup file (files & database) of completed one page site or Landing Page
  • • Graphics or Images
  • • Content Copywriting
  • • Create Opt in Box Graphic
  • • Install Opt In Box
  • • Premium Security Plugin
  • • eCommerce Features
  • Click the button to view Sample
Click to See Example

Biz Blast Off Package

$ $$$$+

Biz Blast Off Website

  • MANUAL INSTALLATION of WordPress™ - (More Secure than 1 Click Installation)
  • • Design # of Web Pages needed.
  • • Format & Configure Your Content consistent with SEO best practices.
  • Can include some or all features of Small Biz Sizzler plus other features based on your needs.
  • Custom pricing based on your needs.
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