Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Why Use Social Media to Promote Your Business?

No longer do businesses depend on phone book ads and purchased advertising space in newspapers and other media. Marketers in the 21st century find benefits when promoting business online through social media networks. Not only is this form of promotion cost effective but it also reaches a larger audience than most forms of media marketing avenues.

Consider the number of active users on Facebook alone. According to the company’s fact sheet, Facebook had 845 million active users per month at year end 2011. Approximately 483 million were active on a daily basis on average.

Twitter celebrated its sixth year anniversary last month and reports over 140 million active users who are responsible for 340 million Tweets per day.

Social networking websites are a great tool for businesses to use to interact with their customers. Many companies have discovered some of the benefits of this type of interaction by:

  • Setting up surveys to find what their customers want or don’t want;
  • Offer answers to customer’s general questions about the company’s products or services;
  • Provide an avenue to address disgruntled customers who have had an unpleasant buyer experience; and
  • Providing customers who follow the business’ social profile or fan page discounts and advanced notice on sales for specific products.

Most of the popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Google+ give you access to their network, and potentially their users, once your profile pages are set up. Most social networking sites provide the ability to post photos, videos and your business logo or image making it easier for your readers to recognize and identify your brand. But after you’ve set up your Profiles and Pages, what then? You can’t stop once you’ve completed the set up task; it’s just not that easy. Regular posting is required to stimulate interest and create an atmosphere that will encourage your reader to interact with you or your company’s social media rep. It’s not enough to simply post some content once in a while. Readers will return only if the content is fresh, unique and interesting; otherwise why should they waste their time?

Potential customers want to deal with those who they feel they can trust and they want a personal connection. If your readers are returning or if they “like” your page, it’s safe to say they are interested and want to know more about your company, its products and services. By spending the time interacting with your readers who post to your business pages, you show that you care about their needs and opinions. It shows you are interested in establishing that connection.
Most marketing experts today will advise a strong marketing strategy includes social media marketing. And your social media marketing efforts should begin with a strategy and planning. If you need assistance with your social media plan, please contact me.

Rebecca IshibashiUsing Social Media to Promote Your Business

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