The ABC’s of Virtual Assistant Services

It’s Your Time and Resources – Use Them Effectively

It’s true that time is money, so managing your time effectively is not only helpful for your sanity, but can contribute to profitability too. Although many time management programs, tips, and technologies are available, you can only go so far on your own. This is where using the services of a virtual assistant can help you enhance your productivity and efficiency, while saving you stress and money.


Take ACTION! – Consult a Virtual Assistant

Take a look at your calendar and your to-do list(s) and review the type of work have you handled in the past month. How many of these tasks kept you from planning additional income streams, talking to a potential client or other income producing activities? Are you sacrificing the time to spend with your family or friends to get some routine work completed? Take action to get the assistance you need. Make a phone call or send an email to discuss how VA services can help you ~ it’s really that easy.

BENEFITS of using a Virtual Assistant

Using virtual assistant services is not only an effective solution to manage your time and increase your productivity, but you can also reduce your operation costs quite significantly. Because a virtual assistant (VA) is an independent contractor, you, (as the client) are not responsible for payroll taxes or any other employee-related benefits and services, office space and/or equipment, or insurance. You can acquire experienced talent relatively quickly without all the hassle and expense of hiring an employee.

Virtual assistants offer a range of specialized services and by doing so, the client can choose an assistant with specific skill set or specialized skill to meet their needs. The client can choose to contract with a VA for a project for a specific time period or as many clients prefer, to contract with a VA on a monthly retainer basis.

COMMUNICATING with your Virtual Assistant

Clients and their virtual assistants communicate and deliver data via e-mail, phone calls, internet collaboration applications, fax machines, and other such technologies. Internet calling systems such as Skype are also popular; as they even allow you to have a virtual video meeting with your VA. Your VA can also assist you by making phone calls on your behalf with this technology. Regular interaction should be a part of the process during the beginning of the client-contractor working relationship. The initial time spent with your new virtual assistant during the work process allows you, the client, to reviewing and discuss work as it progresses; you can be assured the tasks are being completed as you wanted. This time provides an opportunity for your virtual assistant to ask questions, learn your style, your preferences, etc.

An experienced VA will be able to handle their responsibilities to complete your activities efficiently.

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Rebecca IshibashiThe ABC’s of Virtual Assistant Services

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