Twitter – You Should Use It for Small Business Marketing

Are you actively marketing your small business on Twitter?

If you do not have a presence or are currently marketing there, you might reconsider once you review the stats below.

It’s true that you shouldn’t jump on every social media platform available – just because it’s there. If you are serious about marketing your business online to build brand awareness, get engagement and to make sales, you should rely on data that shows where your audience is.

Rebecca IshibashiTwitter – You Should Use It for Small Business Marketing
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Make Your Clients Love You by: Listening

Clients want you to LISTEN – to really listen!


February is the month when retailers remind us about how special our personal relationships are and how we should recognize them with cards, candy, romantic dinners, and presents. But what about your clients and customers? February could also be a month to remind us all to nurture our business relationships too. Our clients want to feel valued and special. So this month, I’m giving you some reminders to help you make your clients love you now and for the rest of the year. Let’s start with listening.

Rebecca IshibashiMake Your Clients Love You by: Listening
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Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence – Does it Still Exist?

As proclaimed by President George Bush in October 1992, our observance of National Customer Week begins October 4th. Bush declared in Proclamation 6485 (and I’m paraphrasing here) that for the US to remain competitive in the global economy; everyone involved in US business, from corporate CEO’s to frontline customer service personnel, must adapt a “personal goal” to deliver “the highest quality customer service”.

Rebecca IshibashiCustomer Service Excellence
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