Social Media

Social Media

If you are a business owner or a savvy online marketer, you should be using Social Media as a part of your Marketing Plan. Get help here creating or implementing your Social Media Marketing plan.

Whether you are a Social Media Newbie or you have a thriving community on your Social Media Channels, I offer a variety of services that can help you.

Do It Yourself Services –  for those who want to do it themselves.  You can benefit from my 1 on 1 Social Media Coaching Sessions.  Beginners can get started the right way by defining their goals and ideal audience, determine the best social media channels to use, learn to optimize their Profiles, tips for creating content, and measuring results and more.

Do It for Me – For Social Media Marketing for Beginners – have you created a couple of social media profiles and listed some information about yourself and your business?  Are you wondering what to do next and which social media sites you should focus on?  I offer a variety of social media marketing services for busy business owners and entrepreneurs to help you with your marketing.

For Busy Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Are you building a thriving community on Social Media?  Are you spending too much of your valuable time on Social Media when you should be creating products, attending speaking gigs and other live events?  My Services can include a strategic review of your social media marketing plan, implementation of your plan, creating your updates & posts and more? Online Community Management services are offered too!

Social Media Makeovers: Have you looked at your Profiles lately?  Are they boring?  Are they fully Optimized?  Maybe it’s time for a Social Media Makeover!  The process of creating a Profile or a Page is quite simple, really.  I’ll bet any of your teenage relatives can help you create profiles on your social media channels. But do they know marketing, specifically social media marketing? I’m guessing they do not.  You see, that IS the difference! The BIG DIFFERENCE!

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