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Social Media Marketing should be a part of your overall marketing strategy and plan.

Those who are new to Social Media Marketing soon learn that it’s so much more than setting up a profile and sharing an occasional post or one that won’t get you closer to your business goals. Business owners who are just starting out or those with small budgets will benefit from my Do It Yourself Coaching.

Savvy marketers know how much knowledge and time is required to build and nurture a base of fans and followers.  For those who have already built a thriving business and an online community on Social Media platforms and who understand the value of your time will benefit from using my Done For You services.


1 on 1 Social Media Coaching Sessions

Social Media can be a very economical and effective way of gaining exposure, market your business, events, and products, and generate leads,…IF you know what you are doing.

Social Media Platforms (Sites) have made the process of setting up a Profile or Page user friendly.  But once you create your Profile, what’s next?

Get started with Social Media Marketing the right way by defining goals, get clear about your ideal audience, and learn how to optimize your Profiles, Pages, Groups.

Get tips on the types of content you should create to share with your tribe, how to efficiently create and repurpose your content, and measure your results without spending more time than you should.

You’ll also get the resources & documents you need to help plan your content and to keep you organized.

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Are your Social Media Profiles and Pages optimized?  Are you taking advantage of all features? Site Audits offered for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube.  Fee based upon number of sites audited.

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Have you looked at your Profiles lately?  Are they interesting?  Are they fully Optimized with the keywords needed to attract your tribe?

If not, it’s time for a Social Media Makeover!  The actual process of creating a Profile or a Page is quite simple, really.  I’ll bet any of your teenage relatives can do it. But do they know marketing, specifically social media marketing? I’m guessing most of them do not.  And you see, that IS the difference! The BIG DIFFERENCE!   

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What are you goals for marketing using social media? If you don’t know what you are using social media for, how will you measure your results?  How will you know if your efforts are effective?

Do you know what your competitors are doing on social media – what’s working for them and what’s not?

Do you have a roadmap or a plan to help you achieve what you are focusing your social media efforts on – your goals?

A Social Media Strategic Plan will show you know where you should focus your efforts so you can reach your goals.

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Are you busy business owner who is building a thriving community on Social Media?  Are you spending too much of your valuable time on Social Media when you should be creating products, launching webinars, booking speaking gigs, and planning other live events?

My Service Packages can include a strategic review of your social media marketing plan, implementation of your plan, create content for your status updates and posts, graphics, memes, and more!

Online Community Management services are also offered for following pages, groups, removing spam, responding to comments.

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