Social Media Strategy Tips

Social media marketing is more important than ever before. In a “Recent State of Inbound Marketing” report it was noted that 62% of marketers said that social media had become more important for their businesses in the last 12 months.

The report also noted the number of businesses that stated Facebook was either critical or very important to their business has risen to 75%. But the effectiveness of social media marketing can vary significantly.

Here are some ways you can improve your social media strategy.

Use Hashtags

Twitter has over 190 million unique visitors every month. Google + reported active users monthly in excess of 300 million and with Facebook topping the list with a reported 1.23 billion current monthly active users, you can see it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. One of the ways to stand out is to use hashtags effectively. Hashtags categorize your content so that it can be easily found using the Twitter, Google + or Facebook search engines. For example, if you had a website on gluten-free diets, you should use a hashtag like #Glutenfree when you tweet or post relevant content on your social media sites. Your content will be easier to find when people are looking for information on gluten-free diets on your social media channels. Hashtags also show people at a glance what your content is about and whether it is relevant to their interests.

Ask Questions

One mistake that many marketers make is to treat social media like a traditional advertising platform. Facebook, Google + and Twitter are vastly different from radio or TV. They are interactive platforms where people actively engaged and discuss your content. One benefit of social media is that you are able to ask your audience questions to better determine their needs and interests. This makes it much easier to provide solutions to the problems that they will find valuable which takes the guesswork out of marketing.

Call to Action

For social media marketing to be truly effective, your content should be interesting or entertaining and be considered valuable enough to be shared. Sharing helps you leverage your readers’ networks by getting your content it in front of more viewers. A call to action asking your readers to like or share your content can improve the likelihood of it being shared. Without a call to action, many people will simply move on to the next post or tweet without liking, sharing, re-tweeting or favoring your content.

You can also use “gateways” which restricts a portion of your content from being viewed until the viewer Likes, Tweets or Shares it. This is another way to make the most of other people’s social media networks.

Using Images

Using the right images will go a long way to improve the likelihood your content will get shared. The image you use should support the rest of your content and clearly illustrate its key message. It is also important that the images are the right size so that they are clear and the message can be seen without a lot of manipulation by the viewer. Resize your images if necessary.

Use Infographics

Infographics are a graphical representation of statistics and data which makes them easier for the viewer to read and understand. Infographics have proved very popular on social media platforms because they are able to contain a lot of information and are very “share friendly”. Most businesses can benefit from using the graphics and so you might consider creating an infographic for your website as well.

Outsource Your Social Media Tasks

Finally, if you are serious about your results from your social media marketing, you should consider outsourcing many of your social media tasks to reach your goals. It takes time to find content to curate or to create a variety of content such as articles, blogs, infographics, videos and slideshows. Then you’ll need more time to post and tweet, answer questions and interact with your fans and followers. Social media marketing can become a full time job so to free up your time to focus on your business, your best option may be outsourcing some or all of your social media activities.

When you make the decision to get assistance with your social media marketing, you should consider creating and curating some of your content yourself to retain your own personal voice and connection with your audience. Dealing with some social media marketing activities can be beneficial to you, the business owner, because you can ask questions and keep your finger on the pulse of your audience.

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Rebecca IshibashiSocial Media Strategy Tips

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