How Social Media Can Grow Your Email List

Why is social media important to your email marketing strategy?

Social media is an important part of any business marketing strategy due to its popularity and reach. Social media that focuses on your email marketing can result in a very effective marketing strategy because it can help you drive your fans and followers to your website AND to your email opt-in form. Your ultimate goal is to convert your social media audience into subscribers and then, subscribers into customers or buyers. Here are some ways your social media efforts can get more subscribers to your email list.


Place your Email Opt In Form on Your Facebook Page

Most email marketing services provide code or instructions to create and embed your opt in form on your Facebook Page. This makes it very easy for people who interact with your Page to sign up to your list directly from Facebook. Most people are very busy and they love “easy”.

Include the URL where your email opt in form can be found on your Twitter Profile. Your opt in URL should also be included in the About section of your Google + profile.

Give away a Great Incentive to Opt in to your Email List

People are more willing to give you their email address if you give them something they perceive as valuable in return. Your success at getting subscribers will be better if you offer a Freebie as an incentive to get people to sign up to your list. Or create a post that gives your fans and followers a discount on your products and services if they opt in to your list. Most people are weary of having their email inbox filled up communications and offers. So make sure the content you are giving them is considered valuable by your audience or if you are offering a discount or special pricing, make sure that is is substantial enough to attract people to opt in to your list.

Tweet and Post Updates about your Email List

An occasional status update or a tweet that drives people to your website and your opt in form can be effective. Again, it’s best to give people a good reason why they should sign up now. Give them a solution to their pain points or offer a freebie that they would want.

Another idea using posts and tweets is create a good message about an email that will be published the following day. Start your post with “Tomorrow I’m sending my email subscribers [blank] and give a brief description of the content your list will receive to peak interest of those who are not on your list. Be specific about your offer and let your fans and followers know what the deadline is to get in on the offer. If they are interested in that topic, your post/tweet will likely incite them to opt in right away so they will receive that email.

Ask Your Audience

If you are not seeing much success in the growth of your email list or if you are not sure what your audience wants, why not ask them? You can launch surveys on your social media networks to ask your audience what they really want. You can create email hooks and email messages that will motivate people to opt in to your list, based on the results of your surveys.

With a little work and creativity, you enhance your marketing strategies to make them highly effective by combining your social media and your email marketing efforts.

Do you know another tip or trick about using social media to grow your email list? If you do and care to share it, please post it in the comment section below.

Rebecca IshibashiHow Social Media Can Grow Your Email List

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