Set Yourself Up For Success Using Facebook

Many businesses have turned to Facebook to use social media in their marketing strategy.

With over one billion users currently, it’s safe to say that Facebook is one of the most popular social networks. Although Facebook is often used as an informal means of conveying information, you should remain professional!
When used properly, Facebook can be an excellent means of building your brand.

Dull, Stale Content

Your readers will quickly stop frequenting your page if you consistently fail to provide new content. Whenever you have a new item to promote, dedicate a post to it! Do customers often have questions about a particular area? Post a typical scenario and your response to it. And Facebook is an excellent venue for announcing special sales or promotions – give your readers plenty of reasons to visit your page often!

Caution! – Engage Your Brain before Your Mouth…

Think how your post will come across to others. Save your frustration and anger for your diary! Everything you post on your Facebook Page should come across as professional. Although it may be tempting to blow off steam by ranting about a particular customer, or anything else business-related that you find annoying, this will come back to bite you big time! You will quickly come across as petty and small if you allow your anger and frustrations to come across over the internet, and you will likely turn off many existing customers, as well as potential customers. Avoid this at all costs!

Ignore Posts and Comments

Imagine the following scenario: you have a question about a product that you are thinking about buying, so you post a question on the company’s Facebook page. You keep checking back for a response to your question, but one never comes. You notice that other questions posted from other customers routinely go unanswered, as well. How likely are you to purchase an item from this company?

Make every effort to respond to posts and comments on your wall in a timely manner. Depending on the number of posts you regularly get from customers, you may need to schedule time to respond to posts each day; especially if you have a high volume of posts. This will help convey the attitude that you truly value feedback and questions, and customers appreciate this! This is an important part of engagement with your Fans so don’t forget to do this or let this task sit on the back burner because you are too busy.

Facebook offers an excellent opportunity for marketing and unlike many traditional forms of advertising, establishing and maintaining a Page is completely free! When used in a thoughtful, professional manner, Facebook can help you increase your company’s visibility and build your profits.

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Rebecca IshibashiSet Yourself Up For Success Using Facebook

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