SEO for Your Articles

What you should know about SEO – search engine optimization for your articles.

It’s important to create interesting and relevant content in the articles you post on your website and blog. It’s also essential that your articles be optimized for search engines. There are several easy steps you can include in your current posting process that will help get your articles the attention they deserve.

Optimize Your Articles to Improve Your Blog’s Visibility

Your Title is Important to Search Engines

Your title should be brief but clear and should include relevant keyword(s) or key phrase. If possible, use your keyword as the first word in the title. Choose language for your title that is fresh or different because your title should entice your viewer to click to read more.

Keywords and Key Phrases

Use more than one keyword and key phrase throughout your article where it makes sense. Keep in mind that people tend to search for specific words or key phrases on search engines so consider using, for example, “dried fruit” instead of “fruit”. Avoid using the same keyword over and over again throughout the article because this can make your content looks spammy. Be aware that keyword stuffing or over use of keywords and key phrases in an article can have an adverse effect with the search engines, resulting in a lower ranking. So use your keywords and key phrases but don’t over do it.

Images and Graphics

Let’s face it. We have become a more visual society. People like graphics and images that are relevant to your article content. Remember to include alt text on your images or graphics so the search engines can identify what the image is about. Search engines cannot “see” your image in the form of text so alt text will help identify what the image content is. Alt text on your images is also beneficial for those who have issues with images loading slowly or not at all on their devices. The alt text should be very brief and contain one of your keyword, if relevant. However, avoid keyword stuffing the alt text.

Bulleted Lists

The reason so many people like bulleted lists is because:[one_third]

  • They are easy to scan – remember, people are busy and have little time to pour through paragraphs of verbiage to get your point.
  • They draw attention so you can highlight your point or ideas quickly.
  • They provide a break in the way the content is presented and viewed making it easier to read.

Keeping the above three points in mind, use your keyword or key phrases in your bulleted lists when it is relevant to do so.

Title in Header Tag

It’s a good idea to put your title in a header tag. If your website or blog was built on a WordPress installation, you can do this easily and quickly with a plugin. One of the more popular plugins to help you with this task is “All In One SEO Pack”. Simply place your:

• Title in the Title Field;
• The Description in the Description field;
• Keywords and key phrases in the Keywords field.

Reading Level

It’s important to know your target audience and what their education level is or should be. Why? Because studies have shown the average reading level in the US is 8th or 9th grade. Unless your audience is familiar with research studies, financial concepts, legalese, scientific or research data, medical practitioner concepts or the like, your articles should be written at a middle-school reading level.

Relevant Links

Keep in mind that relevant internal links in your article are valuable to keep your visitors on your site viewing your best content. External links can be used to show your audience you’ve researched the topic you are writing about. You can also use them to direct to other experts in the field or industry.

Call to Action

If you are marketing a product or service, you can end your article with a call to action letting your readers know what you want them to do next. Examples would be to:

• Sign up for bonus or other offer
• Contact you for more information
• Click through to another page or URL

If you are a business owner with a WordPress blog and you need help maintaining it, please contact me today to learn more about my WordPress services and how they can help you reach your business goals.

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