Katrina Sawa – Coach

“It’s amazing how Rebecca can take my content and create so many other forms of content that I don’t have time to do or think about. Most social media people I’ve met and some that I’ve hired know how to use the social media sites, they know how to post content that’s been given to them or post and comment on a few random things. But they typically don’t know or think of (on their own) how to repurpose a piece of content at the level Rebecca has for me, using social media to drive traffic to my website, my products, and my events. Rebecca is a master at doing this but also getting inside your head and writing or using keywords and things that I would say myself… she totally gets me and could act as me if I let her! LOL She’s someone that is completely invaluable to me and my business as far as reaching a lot more prospects in many different ways online.”

Rebecca IshibashiKatrina Sawa – Coach