Are you Ready to Unleash the Power of Email Marketing for Your Business?

email marketingDo you understand how email marketing works?  Need help setting up your mailing lists…all the way to selling your products through email?

Email Marketing is STILL a viable marketing method, if done right. Here are some great things to consider about email marketing:

It’s still a low cost marketing strategy with impressive conversion rates.

An email list is a real asset that you own in your online business. It’s not owned by Facebook, Twitter or any other company. It’s all yours – it’s under your control.

It’s a direct way to communicate with your audience and your customers…everyone has email. It’s a way for you to give more value to your audience and customers by providing information, offers, and discounts. It’s a way for you to stay top of their minds.

Email is commercial media. While people may not want a sales pitch on social media, they’re accustomed to receiving them via email.

Of course, if you haven’t started or just started building your email list, you might be overwhelmed by all the steps involved, but here’s some great news. It’s a way to automate your marketing once you have all of the pieces of the puzzle.  I can help you plan and implement your email marketing. .

And if you’ve already started, but aren’t getting the results you were hoping for, we can work on that too!

Before you dismiss email marketing as less important than other marketing methods, please keep in mind that…

Social Media Is NOT Enough!

Some people think they can simply replace email marketing with Facebook, Twitter or other social media site, but it’s simply not enough.  When you rely solely on social media, you do not own your list, it’s more difficult to measure and is much less commercial by nature.  But when you combined the power of Social Media Marketing with your Email Marketing – you’ll get greater results AND more conversions!

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