Are there Gaps in Your Online Marketing or Sales Funnel?

Get the Tips you need to eliminate the gaps in your Online Marketing and Sales Funnel that many business owners experience.

Get success tips about a variety of topics, such as:

  • Manage the process of effectively choosing your Domain name and  registering it, finding a Hosting solution for your website/blog that works best for you without missing a step or being overwhelmed.

    • Do you know why you should set your domains to auto-renew?

    • Do you know why you should note the name, contact info and credentials of the company where you registered your domain>

  • If you have selected WordPress as your website/blog solution, the WordPress Customization Setup and Security steps included here will help you with necessary tweaks that you should be making but that many people overlook or ignore (and end up wishing they hadn’t).

    • Learn what modifications and settings to make on your WordPress website to help ensure your site is unique, easy for your audience to navigate, and make it appealing.

    • Do you know what signs hacker look for on your WordPress website to determine if it has vulnerabilities?  Do you know how to change or eliminate those risks?

  • Your Social Media accounts are a vital part of your overall marketing plan. Get tips to help set up and optimize your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube) as well as tips to maximize your marketing efforts on those platforms.

    • Do you have a strategy for using Social Media for Marketing your business?

    • Do you know how to create a plan, a strategy and how to implement your social media activities to grow your audience?

  • Get tips on planning your Offer Funnel, implementing your Email Marketing and creating an effective Sales Funnel.

    • Do you know how to identify and complete the essential steps of creating an effective Sales Funnel?

All of these valuable info and tips and MORE are consolidated into checklist steps that you can mark off as you complete them.  Makes it easy to see what needs to be done.

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