Instagram for Business 101 – Keys for Your Success

With over 700 million active users, Instagram is a social media platform not to be ignored; but a large user base is only one of the reasons Instagram should be part of your social media marketing campaign.

Instagram is well-known for its incredibly active and engaged user base. Members typically spend much more time on average visiting and participating on the site than its closest rivals, Facebook and Twitter.

This means there is an opportunity for you, the business owner, to achieve a greater ROI for your marketing budget if you make use of the best strategies to tap into this lucrative market.

Market Solutions, Not Products

Your followers on Instagram will respond favorably if you focus on offering solutions to their problems – rather than just constantly getting in their face with product sales.

Viewers will gloss over product placements that are an obvious advertisement, but a post promising a solution to their problem; now that will get their attention.

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Geo-Tagging is Your Friend

If your business has a physical location, Instagram can help people find it. In fact, Instagram users may already be sharing your business online with their friends.

Restaurants can benefit from this feature as Instagram members take photos of their delicious meals and share them online with their friends.

With Instagram’s geo-tagging feature, people will automatically be able to locate your business simply by clicking the link in the post.

It’s not just restaurants that can benefit from this feature as it can also be a boon to many other types of industries as well, such as fashion (where did you get those shoes?), or service related industries. Could your business benefit from this feature?

Getting Others Involved

If you have a team, they can help you grow your business by showing off the business’s more personal side. Post images of behind the scenes action, or educate your fans about interesting aspects of your process or products.  Instagram Stories can make this process a lot easier, as it gives you the ability to integrate short videos, Boomerangs (essentially a GIF animated image), and Live Video. Plus, Stories also get a prominent place in the feed during their 24-hour lifespan.

You want to do more than just post images to Instagram though. Many business owners find more success if they actively engage with their community by posting comments and saying thank you. Getting your team involved in this aspect of Instagram can also help multiply your efforts.

Use Your Profile Wisely

As a business owner, you probably have a ton of things you would like to say in your profile but you should really devote this section to your unique selling proposition (USP). Be concise and use your words here wisely. Focus on the core aspect of your business.

You don’t have to use the link in the bio (the only place on Instagram you can place a link) just for your site. Get creative and make good use of it to send leads to a sales page, an event registration, or a free download opt-in to build your list. Feel free to experiment and change this section often.

So, you can see Instagram can be powerful marketing solution for your business if you take the time to learn how to do it right.  As with all marketing, you should have a strategy and a plan. Review your results by constantly analyzing and comparing results; a task made easier with Instagram’s business accounts. You can also review results such as Likes and Comments, if you use a Buffer paid account or similar application.

Rebecca IshibashiInstagram for Business 101 – Keys for Your Success

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