Find Great Content for your Blog

It can be a bit of a challenge to know what to talk about or find great content to discuss when you begin blogging. Many people find it difficult to regularly come up with topics to write about.

Don’t waste countless hours researching for interesting subject matter. You can overcome your “blog writer’s block” if you know where to focus your search for interesting topics.

I’ve compiled a few tips to help you find ideas and topics to use for blogging.

 Social Media sites…

…are a great place find fresh content. You can reach more than just your immediate network or friends.


Find out what your friends are talking about in your Facebook News Feed. What are the topics they are posting or asking questions about? Create a Facebook Group of those in your niche. Encourage interaction by asking and answering questions. You’ll find some interesting conversation points there to help you develop topics.


Use hashtags to find trending topics. If you are a Hootsuite user, you can quickly find the popular tweets and re-tweets. Once you’ve researched those topics further, you can begin drafting your blog post.


You should join groups that are in your niche or related field. What types of questions are being asked in these groups you’ve joined or by the members you are following? Many of those questions are about trending topics in your niche. Jot down the ones that would be most interesting to your target group the next time you are networking in LinkedIn and refer to them when you begin to develop your blog ideas.

Automate – Receive Topics in Your Inbox

Automation can be a real time saver. Use your keywords to set up Google Alerts and you’ll find topics in your inbox. You can set up the frequency of how often you’ll receive information. Based on my experience, you’ll probably need to refine the keywords you are using periodically.

News Sites:

News sites on subjects you enjoy are a great place to find current topics to blog about. Sign up to receive updates from your favorite news sites. Write about something newsworthy that’s in the niche you’re working with.

Keep a Journal:

It’s a good idea to have a journal that is solely dedicated to your ideas about content and topics to write about. This is a good place to jot down your experiences, daily thoughts, or any new ideas that come your way. Or if you prefer to record your thoughts, use your smartphone as your audio journal.

Blogging doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Use these tips or combine them with your current process to help you write more blog posts that are interesting to your target readers.

Do you have other great tips for finding content in your niche to blog about? What has worked best for you? Please feel free to share your comments below.

Rebecca IshibashiFind Great Content for your Blog

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