Email Marketing ~ Why it Still Works

I’m sure you’ve heard this before…

The Money is in the List!

For many marketers and businesses, both online and offline, their email list is one of their greatest assets.


Recent results of an independent survey of decision makers in a variety of small to midsized organizations indicate:

[notice]“Email remains a staple component in the marketing strategies of businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes. Despite the emergence and hype surrounding numerous other digital marketing channels, such as paid search, SEO, and in recent years, social media, email still commands a larger share of marketing spend than any of its contemporaries.”

iContact’s “The Small and Midsize Business Email Marketing Survey 2013”

Some key findings from this survey data are that the majority of businesses surveyed:

  • use email marketing to share information about their products and services, and;
  • integrate email marketing with other forms of marketing but are more likely to combine their email marketing efforts with their social media marketing tactics.

Survey results published by ExactTarget in 2012 indicate email is still the consumers’ preferred direct marketing channel. These survey results indicate the highest percentage (66%) of purchases made by US consumers were as a result of marketing messages received via email. A generation of smartphone and tablet users with unlimited email plans explains some of the continuing use and growth of email. The only the exception is when they receive unsolicited marketing emails, aka SPAM.

Even though some consumers may feel somewhat jaded with trading their email address for an offer, email can be very effective as a marketing channel. Why?

It can be a direct and personal medium of communication to a targeted audience who can become prospective buyers.

You can track and analyze your results to see what’s working and what’s not working.

People like getting something for free! Who doesn’t like to feel as though they got a great deal or something valuable for free? And people remember when you give them something good.

But there are a couple of caveats!

  1. You will not attract interest with a low quality offer. Your offer, whatever it is, must be relevant, interesting and considered valuable by the recipient(s).
  2. Email marketing will not be effective if you overwhelm your list with your sales offers and/or your affiliates’ sales offers. Keep giving, keep sharing and keep it relevant to your targeted list.

People will want to stay on your list and will be interested in opening your emails if they know you will be sharing quality content, information, and offers that are valuable to them.

It’s just common sense, really ~ email inboxes that are overflowing are difficult to manage, a distraction, and a time waster. If your emails are perceived to be of no valuable or a nuisance, your emails will be unopened or deleted and/or your subscriber will unsubscribe.

Email marketing can generate consistent revenue because it is the direct marketing channel where most consumers are willing to engage with businesses and become fans. Is it time for you to complement your marketing strategies with email marketing?

Rebecca IshibashiEmail Marketing ~ Why it Still Works

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