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Effective Deadline Management Tips

How many times have you said or heard someone say, “I wish I had more time to do that” or “I’d be able to meet my deadline for [fill in the blank] if I only had more time.” “I need to know more about time management.”

What is time management?

Each of us has the same fixed amount of time each day; twenty four hours to use as we choose. And I think “choose” is the key word in that sentence. I recently read “The Power of Ethical Management” by Kenneth Blanchard and Norman Vincent Peale and agree that the issue isn’t so much managing our time as it is managing the activities that are consuming our time. It’s up to us as professionals and business owners to manage those activities effectively.

Rebecca IshibashiEffective Deadline Management Tips
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SEO for Your Articles

What you should know about SEO – search engine optimization for your articles.

It’s important to create interesting and relevant content in the articles you post on your website and blog. It’s also essential that your articles be optimized for search engines. There are several easy steps you can include in your current posting process that will help get your articles the attention they deserve.

Rebecca IshibashiSEO for Your Articles
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Tips for Effective Email Marketing

Best Practices are a Great Start for an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Today most consumers receive dozens of email marketing messages very day. Inbox clutter due to a high volume of emails makes it difficult for any of us to weed through to find something relevant to our needs.

Rebecca IshibashiTips for Effective Email Marketing
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Social Media Marketing 101

These days most business owners realize the importance of integrating social media into their marketing strategy.

Social media can be used to help drive more traffic to your website or blog and provide more exposure to your products and services which can ultimately result in sales and referrals.

Social media marketing can be something as simple as creating and maintaining a company blog or a video you’ve created to post on your website or blog. Some other popular social media channels you can use for your campaign (and this is not an all-inclusive list) are video sharing networks, podcasts, and RSS.

Rebecca IshibashiSocial Media Marketing 101
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How to Take Your Small Business on Vacation

Many small business owners feel they can’t afford to leave their business at home when they’re on vacation.

And those owners who can afford it may not want to leave their business operations idle while they are away.

The choice doesn’t have to be to vacation or not to vacation. You can have the best of both worlds. You can take your small business with you on vacation and still have a great time. Here are some simple tips to help you take your small business on vacation:

Rebecca IshibashiHow to Take Your Small Business on Vacation
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Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

Why Use Social Media to Promote Your Business?

No longer do businesses depend on phone book ads and purchased advertising space in newspapers and other media. Marketers in the 21st century find benefits when promoting business online through social media networks. Not only is this form of promotion cost effective but it also reaches a larger audience than most forms of media marketing avenues.

Rebecca IshibashiUsing Social Media to Promote Your Business
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The Zen of Productivity

Simple Ways To Do More in Less Time

Do your New Year’s resolutions include improving your productivity? Productive people strive to stay ahead of the pack. Enlightenment can be as simple as planning your work day and avoiding distractions. But how?

Today we are surrounded by numerous distractions such as email and voice mails. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can consume a good part of your day too. If we feel compelled to answer right away, the result is fractured concentration and our quality of work will suffer.

How can you make sure that you are more productive during the time you have to work?

Rebecca IshibashiThe Zen of Productivity
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Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence – Does it Still Exist?

As proclaimed by President George Bush in October 1992, our observance of National Customer Week begins October 4th. Bush declared in Proclamation 6485 (and I’m paraphrasing here) that for the US to remain competitive in the global economy; everyone involved in US business, from corporate CEO’s to frontline customer service personnel, must adapt a “personal goal” to deliver “the highest quality customer service”.

Rebecca IshibashiCustomer Service Excellence
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The ABC’s of Virtual Assistant Services

It’s Your Time and Resources – Use Them Effectively

It’s true that time is money, so managing your time effectively is not only helpful for your sanity, but can contribute to profitability too. Although many time management programs, tips, and technologies are available, you can only go so far on your own. This is where using the services of a virtual assistant can help you enhance your productivity and efficiency, while saving you stress and money.

Rebecca IshibashiThe ABC’s of Virtual Assistant Services
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