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Mind Mapping Explained

Mind Mapping – What Is It?

A mind map is a diagram with a central or main idea or topic connected to sub-topics illustrated as branches of a tree-life structure. Mind mapping is a method used to outline and manage information visually to connect ideas and concepts.

Rebecca IshibashiMind Mapping Explained
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Guidelines when using Social Media for Branding

Social media sites offer a great opportunity to brand yourself and your business. These sites have an existing user base of in many cases hundred of millions of people. By following the guidelines below, you can leverage these platforms to create your own highly effective brand.

Rebecca IshibashiGuidelines when using Social Media for Branding
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Social Media Strategy Tips

Social media marketing is more important than ever before. In a “Recent State of Inbound Marketing” report it was noted that 62% of marketers said that social media had become more important for their businesses in the last 12 months.

The report also noted the number of businesses that stated Facebook was either critical or very important to their business has risen to 75%. But the effectiveness of social media marketing can vary significantly.

Here are some ways you can improve your social media strategy.

Rebecca IshibashiSocial Media Strategy Tips
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Make Your Clients Love You by: Listening

Clients want you to LISTEN – to really listen!


February is the month when retailers remind us about how special our personal relationships are and how we should recognize them with cards, candy, romantic dinners, and presents. But what about your clients and customers? February could also be a month to remind us all to nurture our business relationships too. Our clients want to feel valued and special. So this month, I’m giving you some reminders to help you make your clients love you now and for the rest of the year. Let’s start with listening.

Rebecca IshibashiMake Your Clients Love You by: Listening
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Your Online Presence – Social Media Alone Isn’t Enough

Social media is a very powerful tool for building awareness of your brand, products, and services as well as for marketing your business online.

Social media should be included in your marketing strategy but isn’t enough, on its own, to establish and maintain your online presence. There are some fundamental reasons why having a business website is crucial for any business today.

Rebecca IshibashiYour Online Presence – Social Media Alone Isn’t Enough
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How Social Media Can Grow Your Email List

Why is social media important to your email marketing strategy?

Social media is an important part of any business marketing strategy due to its popularity and reach. Social media that focuses on your email marketing can result in a very effective marketing strategy because it can help you drive your fans and followers to your website AND to your email opt-in form. Your ultimate goal is to convert your social media audience into subscribers and then, subscribers into customers or buyers. Here are some ways your social media efforts can get more subscribers to your email list.

Rebecca IshibashiHow Social Media Can Grow Your Email List
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Five Ways to Prepare for the New Year

Successful people take the time before the end of the year to prepare for the coming year. Why? Because business planning can make a remarkable difference in their business, the work they do, and their personal life. Without a clearly defined purpose or plan, you will find yourself wandering into the New Year without knowing where you are headed or why. That’s like leaving for an unknown destination without a map. How do you know when or IF you’ve arrived if you don’t know where you are going?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Rebecca IshibashiFive Ways to Prepare for the New Year
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Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Holiday Marketing Plans- It’s Time to Start!

Holiday marketing strategies should take on a new meaning for most small business owners. It doesn’t matter if you have an online business or an offline business. If you ignore the holidays and think that sales will come anyway, you’re mistaken. Even if you sell holiday-related items, you will need to plan your marketing efforts. Remember, in today’s economic landscape, most people try to resist impulse purchases – they plan how they will spend their money for gifts and other holiday merchandise It’s your job to give them a reason to spend their money with you.

Rebecca IshibashiHoliday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
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This Dropbox User was not Fooled!

My Opinion of Hackers and Phishers…

…they are pond scum. People who use their skills and knowledge to rip you off and screw up your life must be psychopathic thieves.

This started as a Facebook post but quickly grew to more text than usual for a social media update. My intent is to inform and hopefully educate so my community will not fail prey to this type of phishing attempt.

Rebecca IshibashiThis Dropbox User was not Fooled!
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12 Presentation Tips for Speakers

Speaker Presentation Guidelines & Tips

Speakers make every effort to deliver memorable presentations. Their challenges include looking and sounding polished and professional while keeping their audience focused on their talking points.

While on stage or in front of their audience, the speaker must concentrate on things like keeping eye contact with their audience, interjecting humor to keep the audience engaged, and a host of other public speaking procedures. With a well prepared presentation, the speaker can focus on these other important aspects of their delivery.

A speaker’s presentation slides should enhance their talking points and not overpower them.

Here are a dozen presentation tips to help you look like the professional you are:

Rebecca Ishibashi12 Presentation Tips for Speakers
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