Social Media for Lead Generation

In the right hands, social media can be used to provide enormous exposure for a business to help expand its reach and capture more leads.

Social media has grown exponentially in scope and number of users since it’s inception in the late 90’s with Six Degrees.  What began as a fun distraction for many; a way to keep in touch with your friends or rediscovered old friends, has now become an important part of a business marketing strategy or plan.

Most business owners and digital marketers know that visibility of a business or a brand can be achieved, where millions of potential customers can be reached, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

This may sound too easy, and yes, there’s a more to social media marketing than that.  So today I want to share some ideas to help you use your social media accounts as powerful lead magnets.

Rebecca IshibashiSocial Media for Lead Generation
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5 Marketing Mistakes That Strangle Business Success

Do you know how important marketing is to growing a successful business?  Successful marketing helps you attract prospects if your target audience understands how your product or service can benefit them and how it differs from your competition.

Are you aware that new businesses have a high mortality rate, with most failing within the first two years? Both an online business and brick-and-mortar business can fall over before they even get started, not because of a bad idea, but because many owners lack the skills to manage and market effectively.

Rebecca Ishibashi5 Marketing Mistakes That Strangle Business Success
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Drive Traffic to your Website with Drip Campaigns for your Blog

Sharing your blog posts on your social media channels helps drive traffic to your website.  But how consistent is your process to share this content on your social media sites?  Could you use a Drip Marketing Campaign system to improve your effectiveness in sharing your blog content?

Does this sound familiar to those of you who create and publish blog content?

Rebecca IshibashiDrive Traffic to your Website with Drip Campaigns for your Blog
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Maintain a Competitive Edge with this Social Media Strategy

As social media is out there for all to see, keeping tabs on your competitor’s social media campaigns is a perfectly ethical way to use their efforts as inspiration for ideas to use in your online marketing efforts.

When it comes to running a business, keeping an eye on what the competition is doing has always been a go-to strategy for maintaining a competitive edge. If your competitors are working within similar demographics, ‘spying’ on them is an excellent way to gain market intelligence which you can then implement in your campaigns.

If you’re wondering how you can get a handle on another business’s social media campaigns, here are a few tips to get you started.

Rebecca IshibashiMaintain a Competitive Edge with this Social Media Strategy
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Marketing Plan and Strategies Defined and Why You Need Both

The difference between a marketing plan and a marketing strategy are concepts that some small business owners have difficulty in understanding. And because they aren’t clearly understood, some entrepreneurs don’t bother to create them and that’s a mistake.

The lack of a marketing plan and strategies present the following problems:

• Ideal client or target market not identified;
• Your offer may not align with the needs of your ideal client/market;
• You have no specific, time-bound goals to achieve and therefore;
• You can’t measure your results;
• You’re Guessing a lot and not really getting anywhere!

Rebecca IshibashiMarketing Plan and Strategies Defined and Why You Need Both
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Twitter – You Should Use It for Small Business Marketing

Are you actively marketing your small business on Twitter?

If you do not have a presence or are currently marketing there, you might reconsider once you review the stats below.

It’s true that you shouldn’t jump on every social media platform available – just because it’s there. If you are serious about marketing your business online to build brand awareness, get engagement and to make sales, you should rely on data that shows where your audience is.

Rebecca IshibashiTwitter – You Should Use It for Small Business Marketing
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Social Media Audits – Why You Need One

Is it time to refine your online marketing strategy with a social media audit?


Any marketing process a business uses to promote itself and build its brand should have an accompanying process that can help determine how well that strategy is working – or if it’s even working at all.

A social media audit will pin down the effectiveness of a social media campaign, highlight key benchmarks to strive for, determine which platforms are delivering the best results, and provide insight into the likes and dislikes of the business’s target audience.

Rebecca IshibashiSocial Media Audits – Why You Need One
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The Facebook Pixel and Why You Need to Install It

Would you like to retarget potential customers based on the pages they visited on your website?  The Facebook Pixel makes that possible and so much more!

Many business owners with Facebook Fan/Business Pages have seen their organic reach declining over the past few years. As Facebook started transitioning to a pay to play network, some savvy Page owners embraced Facebook Ads, but many continued to rely on organic reach (the number of people your content is shown to without your paying for it to be shown to them).

Rebecca IshibashiThe Facebook Pixel and Why You Need to Install It
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Boost Your Email Open Rates with Attention Grabbing Subject Lines!

Does your Email Open Rate need a B-12 Shot?

A great email subject line will sell the email copy, and compel your subscribers into opening the email to consume the juicy content inside. It should not only make the reader feel that the email contains life-changing information, but that not reading could be a huge mistake.

Boring, uninspiring titles on the other hand, will get deleted, as busy people quickly clear their inbox so they can get on with the rest of their day.

Rebecca IshibashiBoost Your Email Open Rates with Attention Grabbing Subject Lines!
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Fill the Hole in Your Multi-Level or Direct Marketing Strategy

Most of us have a friend or relative who signed up and invested in a popular Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Direct Marketing (DM) business at some point.

And those of us who do have become very well acquainted with the marketing strategies that follow.
There are many highly dedicated MLM’s and DM’s out in the world who have transcended beyond the usual marketing strategies that are used by many in this industry. Those usual strategies include making suggestions or requests to friends, relatives, or connections to book a party, invite their friends and relatives.

Rebecca IshibashiFill the Hole in Your Multi-Level or Direct Marketing Strategy
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