Be Smart about Social Media

Spending too much time on Social Media?

Based on the number of social media platforms out there (and it seems the number increases daily), it’s clear that social media accounts for a huge amount of all the time people spend online for both personal and business. While marketing is a necessary part of your overall success, it’s not a good idea to base your entire business marketing efforts on any social networking platform or to spend too much of your valuable time on social media. Not all social media sites will be suitable for your business type or your target audience either.

Here’s an example of what I’m saying. You may be fascinated about marketing on Pinterest but your target audience might be hanging out on Twitter.  Are you someone who finds Facebook to be so enticing?  Your  target may be executives, professionals, or otherwise loyal LinkedIN users. These folks may not be on Facebook at all or only use it for a personal profile to keep in touch with friends and family. Perhaps you love the pace of Twitter, but your audience might hate it and avoid it completely. So what do you do?  You have to find out where your target audience hangs out. Develop your presence there, engage in conversations, share your content. Be where your ideal client is so they can discover you and learn what you do!

be smart about social mediaAre you one of those business owners who has fun on social media? That’s Great!! Is social media marketing a service that you are selling? If it’s not, you might be spending too much time there. Develop your social media strategy and your plan – then stick to it!  You can adjust when necessary based upon your analytics. Don’t fall into the trap of being distracted because social media CAN be a time drain, if you let it. (that’s why you need a plan) For example, if you are putting in 45 hours on your business each week and you spent 2 hours per day in your social media platforms, that’s over 10 hours per week or approximately 22% of your work week spent on social media! Some of that time could have been spent networking, writing a blog post, creating new products, contacting a prospect or a client to upsell, etc. If social media is not one of your core offerings and you’re spending 20+% of your time there, I think you’ll have a difficult time reaching your financial goals.

Plan your work and work your Plan! Plan an amount of time to create, schedule and publish your posts, review comments, start discussions, connect and engage with your audience and stick to your schedule. That recipe of a casserole, that eye-catching gif, that cute dog video will be there when you’ve finished your work day if you want to log back on for some personal interaction.

Social media marketing is a smart way to advertise and gain exposure for your business and what you have to offer. But be smart about it and don’t let it become a distraction to derail your success and keep you from handling other important parts of your business.

Need to know more about developing a social media strategy and plan?  Schedule a complimentary consultation with me and let’s discuss it!

Rebecca IshibashiBe Smart about Social Media

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