Basics of Building a Sales Funnel

Many business owners consider the sales funnel to be a complicated marketing device with many hidden secrets known only to a select few marketing gurus.


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Sales funnels have three basic pages at their core, all of which adhere to principles appropriate to where your customer is in relation to the sales cycle. You can graduate to more complex sales funnels that help you achieve more than one objective once you mastered these basics.

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Start with these 3 essential pages and you will soon have a solid foundation on which to build a more profitable business.

Sales Page

The landing page – or sales page – as it is otherwise known – is the cornerstone of every marketing campaign. It’s every customer’s first point of direct contact with your business, so it needs to make an IMPACT!

Sales pages exist for one purpose, and one purpose only; to spur the reader into taking some form of action. That action could be to make a purchase or promise a free gift in return for an email address.

Every subsequent part of the process hinges on the landing page being an effective conduit into your sales funnel. If it’s not doing its job and it’s not converting, you’re losing money.

Make sure the page includes a clear call to action. Visitors who don’t know what to do next will bounce off the page – most often never to return.

The design of the page should be tightly focused on the customer’s pain points, and their logical solution – one which your business conveniently provides. This means no distractions; every word, graphic, or video should be leading the customer towards the intended action. Anything else is just fluff to be discarded.

Confirmation Page

The confirmation page can take a variety of formats but its main purpose is to confirm the customer’s intent. If your landing page is also a sales page this is where they will enter their personal details and choose a payment option.

If you are capturing emails in return for a free gift the confirmation page is where they will confirm their email address and give you permission to contact them further.

There’s a ton of potential in the free funnel confirmation page so be sure to squeeze every last drop out of it. Promote your social channels, offer an upsell, showcase your other products, a combination of those, or all three if possible.

These are once only offers, so don’t put anything here that your customer will need to come back to later – save these for the thank you page.

Thank You Page

The thank you page is the final destination in the sales funnel journey and hopefully the start of a beautiful friendship between your business and the customer. This is where they will download their product, or be informed as to its delivery method and expected arrival if they have paid.

Like the confirmation page, you once again have your customer’s undivided attention so make the most of it – especially if you have high ticket items to offer.

The reason should be obvious: your customer has an itchy trigger finger, primed and ready to click that buy button if they perceive value. Obviously, the most relevant offers will have the best chance of enticing a sale.

A little applied pressure will put the odds further in your favor. Popular strategies you could use are a limited offer, a one-time deal (if they leave the page the price will increase), or a coupon with an expiration date for a massive discount.

Bonus Deals – Giving customers a back door to exclusive deals that aren’t available elsewhere – such as on the original sales page – are very persuasive, so carve out a space for them on the thank you page for extra profit!

Sales funnels can seem complicated, but they don’t have to be. Start with the basics and build your business. As your business grows with more products and offers your sales funnel will naturally evolve along with it, but these three pages are all you need to get the money flowing.

Rebecca IshibashiBasics of Building a Sales Funnel

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