10 Content Creation Ideas to Wake Up Your Twitter Feed

Social media channels, like Twitter, are terrific avenues for a business to build its brand, but it can be a challenge to come up with new things to say every single day.

To maintain an  active profile on Twitter, it’s considered that a business should be tweeting at least 7 to 10 times a day if they want to maintain good momentum and engagement with their fans. That’s 210 to 300+ tweets a month!

How the heck are you supposed to come up with content to create that many unique tweets AND keep them interesting?  I’m here to help and have searched far and wide for ideas you can use to keep coming up with informative, interesting, or entertaining tweets for your customers and fans. These are ten of the best I discovered to date:

Tweet Idea #1: Tweet About a Live Event You’re Attending

When you’re attending an event and you have an ‘ah-ha’ moment, be sure to tweet about it. You could also tweet a few selfies of yourself with some of the people you’ve met (who may also be influencers).

See or learn something interesting, such as new concepts, tools, gadgets, or software – tweet about it!

Tweet Idea #2: Ask Questions

If you want to learn more about your customers you can do so by asking questions in your tweets.

The answers you get will give you excellent insight into what motivates your target market. Ask questions about their likes, their dislikes, what really ticks them off, and what they find interesting.

Don’t make it too personal and you will find that many people will answer if they closely relate to the question.

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Tweet Idea #3: Tweet Some Sweet Inspiration

If you have some insight into what most inspires your fans, create a few tweets with motivational quotes and push them out to your feed every now and then.

You can try tweeting a quote via text only but to get the best results you should share it with a related image.

Also, make sure you have the rights to use every graphic. With the number of stock photo sites offering free images these days, there really is no excuse for breaching copyright.

Unsplash.com has great photos for inspirational quotes, as does Pexels.com. You’ll need to edit and crop a little as they are usually large photos supplied in high resolution, but you can do that easily and for free as well with tools like Canva.

Tweet Idea #4: Retweet Others’ Tweets

If you find a tweet to be helpful, then retweet it. It’s a great way to build relationships, as other tweeters love it when you retweet their stuff.

It pays to remember that most people like to return the favor and many will scan your feed for something of yours to retweet. By helping others, you are helping your business grow.

Retweeting also extends your reach out to others in the industry who may not be following you, or haven’t yet heard of you.

Tweet Idea #5: Answer Unanswered Questions

There’s always a few questions lingering around in every industry, that people want to know the answer to, but none have been forthcoming.

Even in well-covered niches such as weight-loss and fitness, where it seems that all questions have been answered, you will still find topics that people find puzzling.

There is always a way to help your fans further. It could be something as simple as finding new ways for a busy stay at home mom to schedule in a workout during the day or get the kids to do their chores without a fight.

The things you find simple and easy may be beyond someone else – and another way of looking at the problem may be just what they need. So, give your fans what they need in your tweets.

Tweet Idea #6: Schedule a few Funny Tweets

You don’t want your feed to be deadly serious all the time. Lighten Up! Add some humor! Mix it up a little with a few funny memes every now and then.

If something has happened to you recently that made you laugh it’s highly likely your audience will appreciate hearing about it.

It’s also okay to be a little controversial here. (The keyword here is a little – don’t be offensive or go overboard about topics that are too hotly debated on social media i.e. religion and politics) Think of what you might say if you were truly allowed to say – without consequence – what is on your mind.

Sometimes speaking your mind will help further endear your customers to you. You aren’t going to please everyone though, and some might leave. That’s okay, as this will whittle down your follower base into those who truly appreciate you.

Tweet Idea #7: Look for the Trending Hashtags in Your Industry

Keep an eye out for trending hashtags. If a subject has suddenly become a hot topic then you can really get the buzz going by publicly stating your ideas on the matter.

Try to stay away from the established mainstream though, as you will get more traction if you deflect the topic down a new path.

Tweet Idea #8: Find out What Your Competitors are Tweeting About

Always keep an eye on your competitors’ Twitter feeds, as well as a few of the other major influencers in your industry.

If you find that their tweets are centering around a hot topic, don’t be afraid to enter the fray with your own take on the subject.

Tweet Idea #9: Show Your Appreciation

Too much automated software and pre-configured tweets can really suck the personality out of a feed so make sure you add your personal touch as often as time allows.

When people follow you, thank them for it. If they retweet or like your posts, be sure to show them your gratitude with a personal message.

Tweet Idea #10: Discuss the Elephant in the Room

Is there a dirty little secret that most people in your industry would rather not talk about? Be bold and bring it up in your tweets, and then discuss your solution to address it.

If you work in the marketing industry, there are always trends that die off and are replaced with new ones. These make for great subjects to get some buzz going in your Twitter feed.

If you regularly use these ten strategies to create new ideas for your Twitter feed, you should have no problem keeping your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say.

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Rebecca Ishibashi10 Content Creation Ideas to Wake Up Your Twitter Feed

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