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Email Marketing: 10 Tips for Effective Email Opt-In Forms

Email Marketing ~ The Money is in the List!

Let’s talk about ways to grow your list by attracting your target audience with your email opt in and forms.

Why?  There are some who believe that email marketing is finished due to the explosion of social media. WRONG! Nothing could be further from the truth. Email marketing is still a viable form of marketing. Spam filters combined with subscribers, who have opted in to your list, give you the opportunity to reach a laser focused audience. You can communicate directly with these targeted subscribers and some can be converted to buyers via your email list.


Yes, social media is a very important component of your marketing strategy but your email list is your real asset.  Your social media accounts are owned by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You have no control over what these companies do or don’t do.  You own your email list; it’s yours to control.

Here are ten tips to help you attract more subscribers by creating more effective email opt-in or sign up forms.

Your Sign-up Form

Make sure it’s visible!  It’s important that you insert your sign up form where it can be easily found and not in a cluttered area on your site.  People will not stay on your site searching because it’s frustrating to do that.  Always make it easy for your visitors to sign up to your list in multiple ways, such as on a page, on a sidebar, on your social media profile.  You get the idea!

Assure Privacy

Today most people are very concerned about privacy issues, and rightly so.  Identify theft is at an all-time high as are other governmental issues. Everyone who has every owned an email account, and let’s face it, that means almost every adult on the planet, has been subjected to SPAM emails to some degree.  Let your audience know that you value their privacy and that you will never share their contact information with anyone or even worse, sell it.

Benefits Over Features

Most people want to know what’s in it for them before releasing their email address.  So tell them what they’ll get by signing up to your list. Will they receive updates or offers?  A newsletter?  If you’re going to send for example, “daily affirmations”, tell subscribers the benefits of receiving them.

Set Expectations

Tell your subscribers how often they’ll get what they are signing up for. This does a couple of things.  It reminds them that you will be sending email to them regularly and your subscribers will know what kind of content to expect from you.

Give Examples

If you archive some of your newsletters, you can give examples of what your subscribers will be getting in the emails you will send them. Most people like it when you give them examples.

Ask for the Main Email Address

Many people have specific email addresses they give out for newsletters and they often don’t check that account every day.  If you ask them for their main email address and give them a compelling reason to do so.  Chances are they don’t want to miss out on any of your special offerings.

Give Choices

But, consider your market and subscribers in the process.  If your subscribers have no idea what the difference is between HTML or Text, leave that option out. If you have more than one email list, a newsletter, daily inspiration or affirmation, a drip eCourse, etc.. ~ Let your subscribers choose what they want to subscribe to.

Less is More

Don’t go overboard with asking for information on your first signup form.  Be happy to get their first name and email address, or even only an email address in the beginning.  You can ask for more information later.

Explain the Process

It’s important that those who sign up to your list understand how the opt in process works.  Let them know they’ll get an email asking them to opt-in and to confirm they want to opt in.  Make sure you provide contact information during this process so they can let you know if they didn’t receive a confirmation or the information that they expected to receive from you.  Many email marketing software clients handle this confirmation for you automatically once the subscriber enters their email address.

Test, Test, and Test Again

I’m encouraging you to test. I’m always surprised to find a sign up form and opt-in process that obviously wasn’t tested before the form went live on a website or on social media. Other testing is simply using different styled forms, different methods, different words and even different fonts, one at a time until you find what works best to attract your audience to become subscribers. Testing is vital to help you determine the effectiveness of efforts to grow your email marketing list.

Are you new to email marketing or need help to be more effective in building your list?

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Rebecca IshibashiEmail Marketing: 10 Tips for Effective Email Opt-In Forms

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