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Is This YOU?

    • You own a small business but you don’t have a website yet. Or maybe you’ve tried to create one using those “DIY- build a free website” versions (that really aren’t free) and technology is just not your “thing”.
    • You had an HTML site built a few years ago; it’s now woefully outdated and you don’t have the skills to update it yourself.
    • You need a landing page but you don’t know how to create one.

I’ve heard these explanations many times. Don’t worry! That’s why I’m here – to help get you up and running online with a website that will grow with your business or a landing page to help you convert prospects to buyers.

I create and redesign WordPress™ websites and landing pages because they are feature-rich, they give you so much flexibility, they are easy to use, and you can have a blog integrated in your site.

WordPress Site/Blog Management

There’s a myriad of tasks that need attention to properly manage and maintain your WordPress installation. Are you currently doing any of the following tasks?

  • Regularly posting fresh content to your blog(s)
  • Uploading your fresh content to webpages
  • Optimizing your content for search engine(s)
  • Keeping your plugins and theme updated
  • Performing regularly backups of your website/blog
  • Monitoring/fixing broken links on your website/blog
  • Moderating your comments for spam

My Clever Assistant can manage one or all of your WordPress sites/blogs. Contact me for a free consultation.

Website Maintenance

Services for your WordPress Website or Blog

Level 1 – Maintenance Services include:

  • Monitor site for broken links and fix them.
  • Update WordPress, Theme, and Plugins
  • Monthly: Full Backup of your entire WordPress installation – stored off-site

Level 2 – Maintenance Services include:

  • All Level 1 Website Maintenance Services, plus
  • Up to one hour per month for general website services such as uploading & formatting fresh content or make minor revisions your existing content, minor layout changes, install/remove plugins, upload and/or remove images, embed videos, and opt-in code.
  • Security Monitoring.
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