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WordPress™ Website – Small Biz Owner Sizzle Bundle

Is This YOU?

You own a small business but you don’t have a website yet. Or maybe you’ve tried to create one using those “DIY- build a free website” versions (that really aren’t free) and technology is just not your “thing”.  Perhaps you had an HTML site built a few years ago; it’s now woefully outdated and you don’t have the skills to update it yourself.  I’ve heard these explanations many times. Don’t worry!  That’s why I’m here – to help get you up and running online with a website that will grow with your business.

I create WordPress™ websites because they are feature-rich, they give you so much flexibility, they are easy to use, and you’ll have a blog incorporated in your site.

Small Biz Owner Sizzle Bundle includes:

I do not recommend using free themes other than the theme that downloads with WordPress™.  Does not include ecommerce elements.  Maintenance packages of website, theme and plugin updates, premium security services and backups are available for an additional fee.


Landing Pages and Blogs

Need to put more sizzle in your marketing or attract leads?  A Landing Page can help you in both areas, depending on which you need.

Do you have a Special Offer you want to promote for a Marketing Campaign?  Do you need a way to generate leads with list building?  Landing Pages can be particularly effective for small business owners don’t have enough content for a website or for those with a website presence consisting of sub-domains on a corporate website.  MLM’s or network marketers fall into this category because most, if not all of them, do not have the flexibility of accessing the back end of their website to create lead generating elements such as opt-in boxes to build their lists.

Blogs can help MLM’s and network marketers be more successful.  Many MLM’s have found an online presence with their own branded Blog increases their exposure, helps them build their list of leads and helps them build their teams.  Their blogs provide them an outlet to talk about the benefits of their products and their company’s benefits to a much larger audience.


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