Speaker’s Assistant

Successful entrepreneurs realize the value of relying on professional help to handle some or all of their administrative and professional responsibilities and tasks. Speakers have all of the administrative headaches of entrepreneurs, most of which are above and beyond what the speaker does during a presentation or while on stage.

Look at it this way – can you really focus on all the things that are going on in your business operations when you are at miles from your office at a conference or on stage trying to deliver a great presentation?

Speakers need professional assistance from someone who is qualified to handle the unique needs of the successful speaker. A certified Professional Virtual Speaker’s Assistant (PVSA) is the person who has been specifically trained to meet those needs.

PVSA certification

If you are a professional speaker and have never worked with a Professional Virtual Speakers’ Assistant, you may be wondering what a PVSA can do for you. A few categories and examples are discussed in this section.

Some of the Services Offered are: 

Managing the Speaker’s Intellectual Property

  • Inventory source material
  • Get permissions and avoid trademark violations
  • Understand and research the target audience and competition
  • Create one sheets and speaker bios
  • Create presentations
  • Create special reports, tip sheets, articles and white papers

Managing the Speaker’s Office

  • Write administrative office procedures
  • Manage speaker contracts
  • Manage industry certifications (CSP/NSA and others)
  • Manage emails/incoming calls

Managing the Speaker’s Marketing and Sales Process

  • Help promote the speech
  • Maintain and update the speaker website
  • Handle the speaker’s database of clients and prospects
  • Coordinate the marketing and sales plan
  • Produce newsletters and email campaigns
  • Implement social networking strategy and plan
  • Manage lead generation and outreach
Rebecca IshibashiSpeaker’s Assistant