• Password Manager

    How many unique passwords do you have? Passwords kept on a Word or Excel document are not secure, even if you put a password on the document. If you have several passwords, there is a secure way to manage and access them from your computers (PC or MAC) or your mobile devices. Get Roboform here.

  • Web Hosting

    A great web hosting company is critical to your business. How long do you want to hold on the phone waiting to talk to someone half way around the world to beg them to help you or to fix a problem? Are you looking for something better like Speed, Up-Time, Knowledgeable Tech Support located in the US. Then you want A2 Hosting – Get it here

  • Web Hosting

    Another web hosting company that I’ve found to be pretty good is Bluehost. With a variety of plans available, but I would suggest you select an upgraded plan – not the lowest tier, cheapest plan they offer if you are self-hosting anything other than just a blog.

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