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What’s Your Time Worth?  Need a professional help you keep things running smoothly? 

Find yourself frustrated with all of the administrative tasks you have to do to keep your business running?

My Clever Assistant can provide you with comprehensive administrative assistant services, in a virtual environment.  Administrative tasks that you would typically require of an on-site employee can be performed virtually.

The Virtual Assistant industry has exploded over the past decade with many outsource options and companies based outside the U.S.  I do not compete with these companies on Price.  I deliver value to my Clients with Quality Results.

admin assistanceBecause of this, I do not offer Administrative Services on a project basis.  I offer Administrative services only to my Retainer Clients, (those who have contracted for monthly services) who have a regular and on-going need for this type of Service.

The examples below are some of the tasks that you may need to delegate and is not an all-inclusive list.

Calendar Management: Schedule and coordinate your meetings, events, or other similar activities. Maintain your online calendar and remind you of deadlines.

Client Relations: Respond to emails from potential clients, clients, suppliers, social network sites, etc.

Contact Management:

  • Organize/Update/Manage your contact list
  • Set up and/or maintain your CRM database in a variety of applications
  • Assist with developing your Network/Contact Follow up System

Document Preparation & Processing:

  • Compose or Transcribe and Format your Correspondence, Reports, Forms, Templates, Resumes, Manuals
  • Create/edit your Spreadsheets

Event Liaison: Communication and coordination with Event Planner(s), request audience demographics, etc.

PowerPoint Presentations: to supplement your trainings, talks, speaking engagements.

Proofreading & Editing: Proofread and/or edit your drafts of documents such as reports, correspondence, spreadsheets, email and other templates, manuals, e-books, workbooks, resumes, memorandums, etc. for spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation errors

Research: Perform web research for information on products, services, people, places, prices, vendors, events, etc.

Team Communications: Filter and manage your team’s communications with your clients to address administrative questions, maintain project status, key updates or other business notifications

Team Management: Provide coordination and assistance to your team to resolve administrative or operational problems to keep projects on track.

Travel Planning: Research/arrange your travel and destination options; provide you with itineraries for you and your travel companions.

Need assistance with a task not listed above. Let’s Talk!

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