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In my career years in the corporate world, I found it important to “walk in someone else’s shoes”.  It helped me to fully appreciate all the demands on their time and energies.  Those experiences combined with an education heavily slanted toward business marketing, and management was the preparation I needed to take the leap of faith to create my initial business model providing administrative assistance as a Virtual Assistant (VA).

As I’ve traveled my entrepreneurial journey, it has become clear that my purpose is to serve female entrepreneurs to help them Be the CEO of their Business!

My business has transformed to one to provide a higher level of technical and marketing services that translate into more value for my clients; something that is vital to their business goals and mine.  As they become more successful, I have the opportunity to be more successful.  It’s simple logic, really.

MY IDEAL CLIENT is a female speaker, coach or entrepreneur who uses online marketing or who is ready to.  She has been doing what she loves long enough to have an established business.  She has a marketing budget.  Her calendar contains regularly scheduled coaching appointments and speaking engagements.  She actively pursues speaking engagements and she creates content and products to attract her target audience.

She may be tech savvy, but she understands that to do her core business well – TO DO WHAT SHE DOES BEST – her schedule will not allow time to be doing the types of activities that I can help her with.  Simply put, she spends more time working ON her business than she does working IN it!  She understands that she can make more money by focusing on what she loves to do instead of doing everything herself.  She understands she can make more money and grow her business faster by creating more content, programs, speaking to audiences, hosting events, or other similar activities that maximize her ROI on her time and talents.

MY IDEAL CLIENT is clear about the value that she brings to her clients with all that she offers.  She understands the value of the skills and knowledge that I bring to the table to help her reach her business goals.  She is passionate about her work and how she serves others.  She also understands the importance of a satisfying personal life.  She is organized or somewhat organized in that she knows how to plan beyond next week.  She has boundaries and she understands and respects mine.

Does this sound like you?  Are you searching for someone who can help you translate your big picture into manageable steps and help you tackle the challenge of your conflicting priorities?  Is it important to you have someone who is reliable to complete tasks, including some you haven’t thought of, to help you stay on track with the things that are necessary to keep a project or operations running smoothly.

If it does, I’d love to have a conversation with you.  Schedule a complimentary 30 minute phone call with me and let’s see if we are a good match.  Click here to Schedule a Time for Us to Talk!  

Rebecca Ishibashi

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