What Does My Clever Assistant Do?

Speakers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners usually have more things to do than time to do them. To say they have a full plate is an understatement!  My Clever Assistant can help you Be the CEO of your Business by providing a variety of business services virtually!


“Success breeds confidence.

– Beryl Markham

Social Media Marketing

If you are in business, you should be using Social Media as a part of your Marketing Plan.  

Websites, Landing Pages, Blogs

Websites, Landing Pages, and Blogs are a great way to market your business, gain exposure and credibility about your offerings, and provide info about your business.  It enables you to reach a larger audience, 24/7. 

Administrative Consulting

What’s Your Time Worth?  Need a professional help you keep things running smoothly? 

Professional Virtual Speaker’s Assistant

Can you really focus on all the things that are going on in your business operations when you are at miles from your office at a conference or on stage trying to deliver a great presentation? 

Email Marketing

Are you Ready to Unleash the Power of Email Marketing for Your Business?

Tech Services

Do you Get Frustrated Dealing with the Technical Issues?  Need Help Setting up and Maintaining 1Shopping Cart? 

Want to Know More? 

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